Google Chrome extension : OGame UI++

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    • Google Chrome extension : OGame UI++

      Hi guys,
      This is a re-submission, @mods could you delete the old thread ?
      After discussing with Shole & Benneb, I removed all features that could not be approved so it should be OK now.

      This extension contains mostly what's available in other approved scripts/mods, but I wanted to make something that fits better in the interface & that use the in-game colors/icons/etc.

      So here it is, the features list :
      - in-game languages : EN/FR/ES/PL/TR
      - global mines production (skynet-like)
      - global mines production ratio (skynet-like)
      - remaining storage time (skynet-like)
      - resources in flight (skynet-like)
      - all your mine's levels & buildings in progress (infocompte-like)
      - next recommended builds (mines, plasma, astrophysics) (infocompte-like)
      - player's planet list on hover in galaxy view (galaxyview-like)
      - total cost-to-time conversion based on planet's production & configured trade rate (build nanites when your production time goes past it)
      - pre-fill solar satellite build count if you have negative energy
      - alliance members' score & progression
      - quick transport/deploy icons when hovering planets in right menu
      - customizable list of links in left menu (default: trashsim,, and trade calc)
      - all features are toggleable on/off
      - configurable trade rate

      Screenshots :
      Download link :…nadhelnecpcjcikbnedilhddf

      I hope you guys will like it. ^^

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    • Hi guys,

      Thanks for commenting, the german translation should have been fixed last week because somebody reported an issue about this on the chrome store ^^ (was it you ?)

      Regarding the "weird permissions", I think it's because the extension uses google analytics. It will be removed because it's not useful anymore, but right now it does push some anonymous data like the universe (with language prefix) so we knew which translations should go next, if it's mostly used on new or old universes, as well as some stats like which tabs are mostly used (stats, topflop, settings, ...).
      During the review process I had to move out about a third of the code base so now we only have 2 tabs, there is no use for analytics anymore.
      Also since we recently added a feedback form in the settings, I feel like the language stats are not so useful anymore (people just send a message like "a swedish translation would be nice").

      By the way I tried to publish on the mozilla firefox extension store but it didn't pass review (they have really strong coding style guidelines), a publication there would require a huge refactor so I think it won't be done anytime soon.
    • Hi Charlie,

      In the last version I removed the paypal donation button because it charges really high fees for small donations (0.55€ donation -> 0.27€ fees, 2€ donation -> 0.36€ fees). An alternative way to monetize I found is a cryptocurrency miner (it's a script that makes some computations on your browser and I get paid for it).

      I set it up by default to use ~5% of your CPU, which should not cause any discomfort while playing. Also it only starts after some time when the page is loaded so that when you are clicking fast (e.g. when you load 3 pages in a row to launch a fleet), it doesn't start.
      I really think it is a good alternative of financing for free content providers (like online news sites, video streaming sites, ... or free browser extensions), that will get more and more common in the upcoming years.

      Everything is explained in the settings and you can opt out if it causes you some problems or if you don't want to. You can also set it to use more CPU if you have a powerful computer and want to support the extension's development.

      This is the settings page :

      With the current extension's audience, I expect it to generate ~10€/month, which will allow me to pay for a server if I want to add a back-end (for example to backup player's progression & save your settings; or add social interations like a "top growth among extension users" or so on); like InfoCompte does for example.

      Also regarding the rules provided by Gameforge it is stated that this is prohibited :
      • own advertising (donation button would be ok)
      • fee required usage
      This method is interesting because it doesn't make the users have to pay for their use (you can provide content for free), and it is also much cleaner than adding ads (which Gameforge does not allow anyway).

      I will finally have some time for this project because it's the holidays so I'm also working on some feedbacks that have been sent to me in private messages (mostly some code clean-ups and adding some explainations because some of the extension's features are unclear to some; mostly the return on investment time feature).
    • Hi Eswak,

      I know the purpose of it, I did read what the settings said. What I did not like about it, was that you did a release first without showing that changes on github. I know your project, I have been helping in translation as well as giving you feedback regarding some other features or improvements in many PR conversations. (I'm /cmartinezledo)

      I'm not against this miner I think it's a good idea and I will support your extension, as is what has really helped me to achieve rank 2, what really grinds my gears is seeing this type of changes and your repo did not reflect it until today When I typed this, last commit was…f758e3cfa57048ad3ef91ff8a. I thought that it may be in a different branch, but there was nothing of it. That´s the reason of my last post.

      Thanks for the update and missing commits.
    • Hi @Ouraios,

      I released a version this afternoon that includes some more details about how ROI is computed. At the bottom of the statistics page you can see the new text.

      One reason why the rentability time can differ from Infocompte is that you may have not set the same trade rate (ex : 1 metal could be worth 0.7 crystal for infocompte but 0.5 in uipp). Other than that, maybe Infocompte accounts for the construction time ; I don't. I may have a deeper look into their source code to know why it differs because a lot of people sent feedback about this...

      The difference should not be so significant though ?

      Edit : also the share button under your statistics takes a snapshot of your mines so you can share the screenshot of your mine's levels to your friends. I may add a bbcode export like infocompte too but I'm not so fond of it so it's not high in the priority list ^^'

      Merry christmas & thanks for your comments guys ^^

      @Charlie I changed my github remote url from https to ssh which is why my push didn't go through yesterday evening ._. Didn't add my key in github