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Vacation Mode Limitations



Moonshot exchange


Selling metal 2:1:1



[TOT: 21.386.000] [RoLUE] lateamoose vs. jonesy [MMS] (A: 3.276.000, D: 18.110.000) [20% Current]



Hyperspacetech increases Cargocapacity



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  • vakus -

    Replied to the thread Vacation Mode Limitations.

    @Minion Well I think that your suggestion sounds reasonable, and I would be happy myself to see it implemented
  • Minion -

    Replied to the thread Vacation Mode Limitations.

    I already wrote to OP by private to not add too much to this thread, but to @vakus and @Smoke Nightvogue: what do you think about the concept of limiting the amount of times someone can disable v-mode per month? That way, if you already went active from…
  • vakus -

    Replied to the thread Vacation Mode Limitations.

    Quote from Smoke Nightvogue: “"the 7 days of inactivity checker" concept is bad. ” As overall I agree with the idea, I think that Smoke Nightvogue is right about inactivity checker. My suggestion here would be to maybe instead to check if player is…
  • Smoke Nightvogue -

    Replied to the thread Vacation Mode Limitations.

    Yeah, the "scrapped due to general discomfort & the lack of desire to continue playing a fleeter" option will achieve much more, and that's what my predicted outcome of the suggested scheme is. I really don't understand why someone stands under the…
  • dep6 -

    Posted the thread Moonshot exchange.

    Hi! I'm looking for someone for moonshot exchange in Galaxy 1. We send 1667 lf to each other and harvest all df on our planets. Pm me here
  • Gemmy -

    Replied to the thread Selling metal 2:1:1.

    selling metal for crystal got 4kk metal for sale
  • Green Astronaut -

    Liked Mari’s post in the thread Accepted Hyperspacetech increases Cargocapacity.

    Like (Post)
    I am for this idea, it's very needed to add something like that especially capacity of cargos. The idea was accepted, so when it will be added to the game?
  • Nice one Mate keep it going!!! And thanks for the dedication of course! :thumbup: