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LODOSS ( cHaOs) Vs Big_Sexy (Wolfpack)



About Moon attemps



WTS 500k dut for 1M metal


Redesign of galaxy view



Tutorial Task 5 Bug


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  • Rusiak -

    Replied to the thread LODOSS ( cHaOs) Vs Big_Sexy (Wolfpack).

    strangely this gives less eye cancer than a converted cr.... ogmem pls <3 congratz /tenchar
  • River19 -

    Posted the thread WTS 500k dut for 1M metal.

    Coords and hours for MP ty
  • Vithae -

    Posted the thread About Moon attemps.

    Hi everyone! I was reading the rules of the universe and didnt find any rule about moon attemps, idk if we have to make a ticket or even if its legal. So im asking if someone knows something about this topic. If a go could answer would great though, if…
  • JoKy -

    Replied to the thread Redesign of galaxy view.

    Hmm It seems that there are some settings wrong. We will have a look :) LG
  • ErikFyr -

    Posted the thread Tutorial Task 5 Bug.

    When does the bug appear?: When joining an alliance and being kicked out of it Detailed description of the problem: For the 5th task in the tutorial you are supposed to join an alliance with at least 3 members. He asked to join an alliance of 9…
  • echonia -

    Replied to the thread Redesign of galaxy view.

    Bermuda it seems like it takes longer to pass the next page at galaxy view compared to old version
  • Michel D Scorpio -

    Posted the thread Michel D Scorpio [YonkouS] vs. Croco [DREAM] PROFIT: 1.8KK.

    Dedicated to all the YonkouS :thumbup:
    On 30-08-2016 --:--:-- , the following fleets met in battle: Attacker Michel D Scorpio ________________________________________________ battleship 600 _________________________________________ Defender Croco