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    • Change buddypoint system

      Idea of our community:

      A decrease of players is a persistent problem in this game.
      However GF has introduced a system in hopes that more (new) players should start: the Buddy Points system.

      Good points of the buddy point system:
      The idea to introduce players is obviously fine. Also, the function in order to get a maximum 10% of a DM-purchase is a very valuable function. So I received some free 100k DM in certain uni's which is gratefully spent. Plus you get people on your link you do not know which causes that your contacts are broadened. This may also be starting players that you can help with knowledge and experience.

      Less good points of the buddy system:
      The advantage of the DM purchase happens once every few months, for this reason it is often not interesting to make active use of this system. The other benefits that this system purchase in the form of BP, the raw material boosters are so worthless (a 10% boost to 1d), the system just is not worth it. GF wants this system to work then they should be willing to invest more.

      What could be better:
      The Premium Buddy Points I want to leave it as it is. This advantage is fine, actually adds something and has value.
      The 'normal' Buddy Points are need some improvement. To add more value to this system, hopefully there will be more support for it which should lead to more (new) players in OGame.

      What should be done?
      The most important modification is the adjustment of the rewards that get with BP. The current rewards are only 10% boosters that are valid for 24h on one planet. This produces absolutely nothing. It gets more interesting if there is more value to the system:

      Buddy Points:

      2 points per player per day active (make it 5)
      1 per player of player link (make it 2)
      Max 25 points per day.
      This does not mean that there are up to five players on a link. There will always be players in vmode whereby you with five players never going to get 25 BP per day. The number of points that players can get of the link (and thus giving two points to the introduced player) have been infinite.

      New Awards:

      Chests: same items as import / export
      Bronze chest: 20 BP Price 2.5k DM ratio: 1: 8
      Silver chest: 50 BP Price 8.5k DM ratio: 1: 6
      Gold box: BP 100 Price: 25k DM ratio: 1: 4

      Officers: officers are only possible in weeks and not months. The prices are based upon a week officer.

      Commander: BP 100 Price: 10k DM ratio 1:10
      Admiral: 50 BP Price: 5k DM ratio 1:10
      Engineer: 50 BP Price: 5k DM ratio 1:10
      Geologist: 125 BP Price: 12.5k DM ratio 1:10
      Technocrat 100 BP Price: 10k DM ratio 1:10

      feedback on this idea:

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      you do have a few good points, I think, and I also agree that, if you do register a new player and he plays on, you best can get something back ... but it should be not too much

      - Up to 5 players in your friends list where you get BP from, is very good i think, because otherwise you get much advantage in the game just because you let people registering via your link and play.

      - Maximum BP per day: I find 25 very high, because for 20 BP you get a booster that costs DM 2.5k

      - Honor points for the BP is in my opinion your best proposal because if you attack too much you get dishonor, while the game is basically all about attacks.

      You ratios for new awards, 1: 4 t / m 1:10, are little low. I would say for the boxes (1 day + 10% boosters and 30 minutes accelerators) a ratio of 1:10 and a 1:25 ratio for the officers because they take up to a week.

    • players who introduce new players to the game and convince them to stay for a longer period(mb 4 weeks and up) or help them archive certain point thresholds should be rewarded generously. there shouldnt be a cap like it is now or in the idea. if ppl are willing to help 10 and more players through the early stages they should be rewarded for that and not for 5 of them.

      the rewards dont have to be limited to dm features. there could be additional milestones like permanent increase of production. for example: you refer 3 ppl which are 'active' for at least 30 days and unlock a permanent production bonus of 5%. 10 ppl gives you 7,5% and 25 the max of 10%.
      other milestones could give you an additional planet slot, extra fields on your planets/moons or permanently reduces your flight costs by a 10% or whatever.
      to avoid malpractice ppl who get banned get striped of their milestones - that might even prevent some banable offenses in general because ppl wouldnt want to lose their rewards.

      one-time rewards like freerolling a mine or researchlevel are also thinkable. ofc these had to be limited to avoid ppl saving up for them and going instant from met35 to 40.
      make them only usable for mines under 30 or 25 for example or limit them to a total ressource usage of 10mio.

      i think a tell-a-friend system which is limited to dm features is less appealing because i can just buy all these things and there is nothing special about them while some unique rewards can give me the motivation to heavily advertise the game to my friends.
    • I think this is a nice proposal and very useful. However not many players are using it.

      It would be nice to make the buddy points system a free alternative to DM and give significant advantages to those managing to keep ingame several players. The more players kept ingame, the more advantages, they deserve it .

      As for older unis this should be considered too : invited buddies to receive a pre-built account