New server type - "Olympics for Ogame"

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    • New server type - "Olympics for Ogame"

      Observation: There has been an inflation of new servers popping up with shorter and shorter interval.
      Observation: There has been an inflation in uni speeds. New universes have a tendency to go faster than the previous ones.
      Observation: People are mad that a few selected people can drop thousands of dollars per month to win the game.
      Observation: All this things put together is killing Ogame, one community at a time.

      I would love for GF to NOT start a new server for some time, and when they do, start a new special, one-off, server type. It should not be new standard, more like an "anniversary" type of server (or perhaps a "special contest" server). An "Olympics for Ogame". ONE server could be started every 4 years with these settings.


      Universe speed X1
      Fleet Speed X1
      ACS active (otherwise we might as well play against bots, which could work also).
      6.000 DM gained per active day (a day with a login)
      Officers will enter V-mode along with you (you don't lose your remaining days on officers as you enter V-mode).

      I know it seems really controversial at first, but think about it:

      - If you can't buy DM on the server, then everyone plays on equal terms, only skills matters! - As such it would be ideal for a "Special Contest" server, an unofficial World Championship in Ogame.
      - The universe and fleet speed is to stop the inflation that has been going on for some time now. When new servers are introduces in the future lower speeds would seem "normal" again.
      - I'd like the ACS system to be active as this does bring a new strategic ellement to the game. Without ACS there would be no point in having allies or even friends. Everyone would just be on their own. Kinda lonely I think.
      - I came up with the 6.000 DM per day via a formula I'll explain later. This will enable people to still experience the full potential of the game with Officers, while not being able to buy DM.
      - I have always felt cheated on when the Officers keeps running day after day, while the account is in V-mode. It's like fuel still leaking out of the tank while the engine in your car is turned off.

      The 6.000 DM per day explained:

      All Officers for 3 month = 425.000 DM. This gives 1.7 mil DM on a year (425.000 X 4). This average out to almost 4.700 DM per day (1.700.000 / 52 / 7). By adding 6.000 DM to the account each day a player is active will allow players to invest in Officers and still be able to use the Marchant and other DM based features every once in a while. You won't get rich on DM, but you'll have the basics covered.

      Everyone starte out with nothing and from there on it is up to people to decide whether to wait with the Officers until one can get them all for the cheapest possible amount or if you'll settle with the Commander in the beginning, while collecting DM slowly.

      Now I understand that if GF did this with every server, Ogame would not be in just a few years. But still doesn't change the fact that it would be fun to try out once every 4-5 years. Their budget should be able to support this.
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      Here you have the "freedom of speech" as long as you say "everything is OK".

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