More general power to TM's and GO's on local servers

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    • More general power to TM's and GO's on local servers

      Hi there,

      Background story

      At midnight between March 30th and 31st there was a server failure on the Danish Quantum server. This failure went quite "out of hand", but it didn't have to, if only our own community team members had had the power needed to stop this bug from escalating. Now I want to make it 100% clear that I'm not in any way accusing our TM and SGO for not doing a good enough job, they did everything they could within their power to stop this from escalating. Unfortunately, they had no power in this matter.

      What happened??
      - At midnight a server failure occurred, preventing all players (and possibly team members as well) from accessing
      - This bug lasted for about 30 minutes
      - When people came online again it became evident that the bug had caused ALL fleets who were flying to instantly return the coordinates from where they originated

      Obviously there were fleets who were lost on this account.

      But it did't had to come this far. A trial GO from another universe, who so happened to play in Quantum also could just sit idle at watch as things escalated. Obviously HE should not have the powers I'm suggesting further down, as he is playing the server him self. But he could see that no other team members were online and could just watch things unfold.

      Apparently we now have to wait up till 4 weeks before some Admins from Germany can fix the issue and reinstate lost fleet/resources, this is not acceptable as it could have been completely avoided!

      What I'm suggesting to avoid this is more general power over the servers and the state of these to the local TM's and SGO's. They should have several tools at their disposal, including:
      1. Some sort of "attack blocker" should be available to GO's (not TGO's). This will have all fleets, who are on "Attack" missions, to do no damage while the block is activated.
      2. SGO's and TM's should have a "Red emergency shutdown" button to push. This should immediately force all accounts into V-mode and force all fleets back to the original position. This will allow the team to sort out and undo what needs to be undone, before things escalate. It prevents the issue from growing out of proportion.
      3. The highest instance of a community, the TM, should have the powers to tweak accounts who has been victimized of a server failure by either giving or take away fleet/DEF and resources.

      If our community managers had had these powers, the issue would have been fixed after a log days of hard, unpaid work. But the server would now have been up and running again with all issues fixed. But we still have to wait, possibly for weeks, for someone from Germany to take their time to fix this. In the mean time bug just keep claiming victims is the sense of lost income etc.

      If you guys agree with me that these powers should be given to the local Teams, who does a great job keeping the game going, then give this a like. I'd also like to hear your suggestions to possible changes or other powers the teams could have, that would be beneficial for the local communities.
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    • an Hardware problem is not possible to resolv from external, and then It should possible that go don't know what to manage. So don't sound for me a good idea that every body can manage server , better that do who has knowledge.

      But maybe you are not talking about this power, but about other that from your message is not clear.

      If you are talking about a backup, exist this possibility for your coma. Backup is at 8-16-24 , so it is possible to back to last backup.
      Theory exist also possibility to restore a single fleet, but for sure it is not possible for a lot of players.

      Exist possibility to set block of attack, but atm this is possible only for system admin ........ maybe this is the only things that could be added to staffers, but I don't think that GameForge will like to give this power for everybody, so probably only to CoMa, TM and GA

    • What I mean is that, if the team had the power to implement an "attack block", then there would have been no need to get the German Admin involved. The consequences of a minor server failure would not have escalated into many lost fleets that now has to be reinstated.

      As long as the hardware is down, there is not much any team member can do. But once the server was up again, one of the suggested methods could have been used to prevent many losses and a long recovery time.
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      Here you have the "freedom of speech" as long as you say "everything is OK".
    • True, that would have prevented a lot of damage and that sure is one thing to consider, however I still think the other options should at least be considered as well.

      But in our given situation, where the damage HAS been done. Granting TM's and SGO's these rights would allow for the server to be reset to it's "right" state much faster. Waiting for days and even weeks for things to get right is just unacceptable. It's way too long.
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      Adding bots to Ogame universes with low player counts

      Here you have the "freedom of speech" as long as you say "everything is OK".