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    • Hi,

      I have idea how to change fuel usage.
      Let's make 4% less for each level of drive research. Same as Ion technology give less deconstruction costs.


      FU = fu - [(D-a)*0,04 * fu]

      FU - Fuel usage
      fu - basic fuel usage
      D - drive lvl
      a - constant, different for earch drive; 5 - Combustion Drive, 4 - Impulse Drive, 3 - Hyperspace Drive -- (we can talk about value of constant 'a')

      For example:
      Large Cargo, fu = 50

      I. Combustion Drive = 2
      FU = 50 - [(2-5)*0,04*50] = 50 - [-3*0,04*50] = 50 + 6 = 56

      II. Combustion Drive = 5
      FU = 50 - [(5-5)*0,04*50] = 50 - [0*0,04*50] = 50 + 0 = 50

      III. Combustion Drive = 20
      FU = 50 - [(20 - 5)*0,04*50] = 50 - [15*0,04*50] = 50 - 30 = 20

      What you say about that?

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    • The intent of this intervention is not the controversy, but to make person think that every player wants answers in their own thread, but what does everyone do to respond to the threads of others?

      If we also consider others, maybe, we will be considered .....

      Another aspect:
      There isn't hurry, surely someone is maturing an answer to give you in the future, if you know how to wait........

      Thanks you.
    • I understand that it is a frustration when you propose an idea and nobody answer to it (honestly it is happen to myself too).

      But at same time nobody can force other users to reply f they are not interested.

      Don't sound to me a bad idea to try to catch in attention of borad's users an idea after a long time, but i prefer a comment that give new information, more motive to be interested in idea, that an easy "up" or ironic complain.

      Now time to talk about your idea.

      So you are proposing that increasing drive will have a double effect ......... not only to increase speed and so indirectly decrease fuel usage (if you move faster, you can use a speed % minor and so spend less deuterium), but also to decrease directly fuel usage.

      I'm not expert as crasher so i'm not able to understand exactly if this change will have bad implication ........ at first view sound interesting ............ but maybe a decrease of 50% is too much (i'm thinking about level 20 that decrease from 50 to 20)

    • @TGWo - yes, double effect. Now we get the same profit for each level of drive research (10%, 20% or 30%). For high levels, the profit is too small compared to the costs, so I propose such a change.

      Let's take CD - 20, ID - 18, HD - 15
      Then we get 60%, 56%, 48% less fuel usage. To get it we have to pay:
      metal: 1 271 386 000
      crystal: 1 703 912 000
      deuterium: 983 032 800

      It is not cheap, I don't think that profits will be to high.

      Thanks for replies.