Special planets for account in v-mode after a time to decide

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    • Special planets for account in v-mode after a time to decide

      after 10 days of v-mode (or an other time), planets become special.
      Outside these planets will appear with 0 ships, 0 defense, keep all the research and construction and will start with 0 resources. Mines will start producing normally, in the deposit capacity limits. So will be possible to spy and attack these planets without acs (no other kind of missions).
      Why did I call them "special" ? Because in real they are still in v-mode and this want to say that the owner when it will remove the v-mode will have nothing changes (all defence, ships, etc ........ and resources will be not changed).
      I'm thinking if to add a special rules to prevent ninja by owner ......... so if there is an attack incoming he cannot remove v-mode

      In my idea, owner of account continue to have all effect of v-mode and prevent to lose something (but also don't increase something), but at same time his planets can be used as farm.

      Thinking that to attack these planets will be very easy, then I propose a second version of idea . In this version, any 6 hours there will be an random event and server will decide if put in production defences and/or ships using resource existing in the planet (event for example could be make so : choose between 0% - 20% - 40% - 60% - 80% -100% ......... this number want to say how many resources will be used to production of ships/defences ........ of course if event say 0% , then nothing will be put in production; after to have decided investement , then always random server will decide what to create). Will not possible to send IPM , but possible to use ACS.

    • There are many reasons that make me sceptical about this idea.
      One is that's simply hard to implement and a too heavy gameplay change.
      Second, if the incoming attack prevents to remove v-mode, one player can lock any account in v-mode with a single slow attack all the time he wants.
      But mainly this seems to me only a boost to arranged pushing. In this way you can create strategical places (e.g. 9 planets in an isolated system with a certain player's planet) inactives players who don't have any loss from the inactive status and don't stop their production after X (*) days.

      (*): 32, if i'm not wrong. But i don't remember exactly.
      #6 Retro server - Fra [N O X]
      #5 Andromeda.us - Fra.. [Dynamic]