Important: OGame is heading to the new Gameforge Portal soon and you can test it!

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    • Important: OGame is heading to the new Gameforge Portal soon and you can test it!

      The move to the brand new Gameforge Portal gets started at the end of June and OGame is a part of it! Do you want to get a sneak preview of how OGame plays in the new Portal? Doing so is easy:

      - Quickly create an account today on our Pioneers Test Servers.[pick Bermuda or Origin please]

      - At the start of June, OGame will be playable in the new Portal. To be able to play OGame there, you will need to convert your test server account. This is simple – with only three clicks you will then have OGame and all of the Gameforge Portal available to you!

      - You’ll be rewarded for this! Amongst all participants we will be raffling 10 packs of 5 million Dark Matter, award able to an account of your choosing!

      - You’ll see it for yourself – the new Portal is giving OGame a cool new website with a modern design.

      The OGame Team

      *Please use this thread for bugs or the in game button "Feedback".
      * You can comment, give feedback or ask question here: The new Gameforge Portal - Feedback thread
    • Hi!

      Thx for your feedback so far here on the Origin board. I also noticed several feedback on the other comunity boards, but please try to also post it here, so we have it central! You can also use the feedbackoption in the game itself :)

      After the first feedback, already a change was done in the portal. The video is now replaced with a static banner if you have at least 1 OGame Account connected.

      Use the following threads here on Origin for more feedback or bug reports, so the Portal Team can take care:

      Link: > The new Gameforge Portal - Feedback thread


      Link: > The new Gameforge Portal - Bug reporting

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      Being a QA is sort of like being a goal keeper. People only talk about you when you’ve screwed up. We are the silent guardians of game development, and they will never have to thank us.
    • The winners of our "test the Portal and get 5m Dark Matter" are here. They will be contacted on their mail and asked where do they want their reward.



      And I know we said end of June for Portal to start "appearing" but due given feedback on Pioneers we will rework the migration process. So this will delay it a bit for all. Thank you all for your ideas, suggestions and complaints. Everything has been taken into consideration.

      OGame Team