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    • Update -

      • Fixing page title bug (Fix contents of <title> element)
      • Fleet consumption fix
      • jQuery update to 1.11.13
      • DOM parse method improvements
      • Metal/Crystal/Deuterium is now always casted to int
      • Preventing accidental string concatenation
      • Temporary deactivation of Donate button
      • Added OGotcha CR conventer to Tools list
      • Fixed Improved keyboard navigation in Galaxy view with keys "q" and "e"
      • Available to see fleet movements from Galaxy page
      • Performance improvements
      • Fixing problem with Chrome storage
      • Fixes number of pre-selected ships in Fleet 1

    • Update - 6.0.1

      (Bugfix) Swipe gesture for mobile devices in galaxy view for switching solar systems
      (Bugfix) Spy from galaxy view in donut galaxy/system
      (Bugfix) Auto switch to next planet on Collect and Fleetsave routines (can be deactivated under AGO -> Events -> Fleet movement)
      (Bugfix) Events in title
      (Bugfix) Deactivate keyboard shortcuts when input or textarea elements are focused (Chat in galaxy view now works)
      (Bugfix) AGO menu fix on messages page
      (Feature) Added donation button on menu page
      (Polishing) CSS adjustments

      Messages page:
      (Feature) Completely rewritten messages page functions
      (Feature) Buttons for deleting messages
      (Feature) Option to remove unnecessary spacing in short espionage reports
      (Feature) TrashSim button in short espionage reports
      (Feature) Option to fold espionage reports
      (Feature) Added player name in espionage action reports
      (Feature) Option to show activity, loot, fleet and defense in headline of reports
      (Feature) Spy table (like old Spiohelper, improvements are to come; like always feedback is always asked for)
      (Feature) Option to let reports above limits unfolded
      (Feature) Page navigation with arrow keys
      (Bugfix) Change message times to local time if activated

      We also put a donation button in the AGO menu :)
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    • Version 6.1.1


      (Feature) SSL update and now forcing https
      (Bugfix) AGO database fixes
      (Bugfix) Fix for "usave" to be available to backup AGO options though server


      (Bugfix) Backend fixes because of newer versions of OGame
      (Bugfix) Fixed connection between Add-on and antigame server
      (Bugfix) Fix for backup and synchronization trough Antigame server
      (Bugfix) Solar satellites fix
      (Bugfix) Recycler consumption fix

      Your AntiGameOrigin Team
    • Version 6.2.0

      (Bugfix) Commander staff fix
      (Bugfix) CSS fixes for new Space Dock building
      (Bugfix) Construction info for Space Dock
      (Bugfix) Queued constructions in empire view mess up account overview
      (Bugfix) Event list: foreign fleets didn't show the player name
      (Bugfix) Event list: fleets on foreign coords didn't show target's player name
      (Fix) Removed player name from "espionage action" messages, since it's implemented naturally (finally)
      (Feature) Removed unnecessary spacing in "espionage action" messages
      (Bugfix) Spy table: Fix for destroyed moons

      Your AntiGameOrigin Team
    • AntiGameOrigin version 6.3.0

      (Feature) Click on a row in the spy table shows detailed information, will be further improved in next updates
      (Feature) Different fleet and defense DF, new debris to DF calculation*
      (Bugfix) Repair orders in spy table
      (Bugfix) Fixes for 6.3.0 Galaxy view**

      *There could be some errors with the old simulators. The support for those will be discontinued soon though.
      **We are aware that there are still bugs with the new galaxy view, not every function of AGO works yet. Some of them are related to OGame bugs and we have to wait for them to be fixed. However, we are working on solutions so that the game stays playable.

      Your AntiGameOrigin Team
    • AntiGameVersion 6.3.1

      (Bugfix) Firefox messages page, buttons and table didn't work
      (Bugfix) Galaxy view CSS fixes / improvements
      (Bugfix) Galaxy view: Long names
      (Bugfix) Shrink galaxy view
      (Bugfix) Deleting spy report while follow up info was open
      (Bugfix) Rounding bug in Def to DF calculation

      Your AntiGameOrigin Team
    • AntiGameOrigin Update to 6.3.2.

      Changelog of 6.3.2 version:

      (Bugfix) OSimulate Def to DF factor fix*
      (Bugfix/Polishing) Too long alliance names are shortened
      (Bugfix) Moon names couldn't be read
      (Bugfix) Phalanx overlay: Exact fleet composition was not shown
      (Bugfix) Planet list

      *Support for outdated sims is discontinued. The links to these sims will be removed in one of future updates.

      Best regards,
      AntiGameOrigin Team
    • Change log version 6.3.7
      [Feature & Bugfix] Empire view improvements in style, reducing size to fit on whole display.
      [Polishing] Update of JQuery


      Images are not zoomed out!

      We have successfully made AntiGameOrigin donation page on which can be found at:

      Thank you for all contribution for AntiGameOrigin.

      And about the updates, Chrome and Opera is expected to be published tomorrow, but Firefox i spoken with AMO Reviewer who told me it can't be reviewed and published before next Sunday, so Firefox is coming on next Sunday. Its not up to me, its all up to Firefox workers.

      Best regards,
    • Change log 6.5.1:

      [Bugfix] Not able to disable Empire view features
      [Polishing] Wrong height of column on Empire view when planet Item is active
      [Bugfix] Sending multiple fleets at same seconds

      Future update:
      Adapting AntiGameOrigin to FireFox multi process.
      Well I started developing it, using those web extension APIs. What i can tell you is that it will take me some time to bring AGO compatible with FireFox multi process.

      I am looking for people who can help with rewriting, so all who know JS/JQ feel free to contact me.
      If you don't know to code, you can still support us by donating some amount:

      Best regards,