[2.2.1] Favourite targets - send coordinates to Fleet

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  • [2.2.1] Favourite targets - send coordinates to Fleet

    hi Waarsalk, it's me again^^

    it would be really helpful, if you could make it possible that the coordinates are set in fleet page II on click.
    (and additionally on fleet page I into the Calculator from AntiGameOrigin)

    Therefore there can be the fleet icons to send them if you click on it. (they should only appear on fleet pages)
    example of the structure:

  • yeah why not :D

    i dont know how strong you will work together with AGO but there can be more "features" appearing like a symbiosis of UV and AGO

    so when you go to the galaxy by clicking a completely defined position by a given link, then AGO will highlight this position (blue on default).
    In this case you can show the plus to add them to the favourite targets on default (without hovering).

    Another spot to get your feature in action is the Infobox for a selected player (the box with all the positions shown by AGO below the OGame menu).
    on hover there can be shown the plus on the left side of the box.
    So the users are able to use your feature whereever they currently are, depending on what purposes they have and so what actions they do.

  • Hi,

    These things are implemented for version 2.2.1 .

    • Added a fleet button in the favourite list.
      When this button is clicked and you're on fleetpage 2 the coordinates will be automatically selected as target destination.
      When you're on a different page it will go to fleetpage 1 with the coordinates pre-selected as destination.

    • When the position is in the url while on the galaxy page, the button for adding the position to the favourite list will be active.