Fleet - ACS attack real impact times on fleet page 2 & 3

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    • First, it's the maximal duration / arrival time - and as important as the real duration / arrival time of the ACS flight.

      I won't add another line for the real ACS flight because this is confusing - simply to much counter and times.
      But i thougt already in past about using "KV22742 (ACS maximum)" as a button which toggles between "KV22742 (ACS maximum)" and "KV22742 (ACS effective)"
    • OGame 5.5 shows now the real ACS time on fleet page 3 (not on page 2)

      EDIT by fl00ri:
      For an improved timing, please use the feature to pin events onto the Panel.
      Selecting a pinned event and being on fp2/3 will add an Countdown timer with the real impact time etc

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