OGame 10th anniversary

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    • OGame 10th anniversary

      Hello everyone,

      today we start to celebrate a really special event in the history of browser games!

      OGame celebrates its 10th anniversary - and we will have something special for all of you!

      Starting on 03.10.2002 with OGame.de's Universe 1, the time came for intergalactic emperors to fight for the dominance in outer space. Millions of players have used the endless possibilities of OGame to bring themselves on top of their empire and to compete with their rivals.

      In all these years OGame has been through a lot of important changes to secure the continued existence and the attraction of this beautiful game. Even after all those years OGame is still able to offer something new again and again.

      But is it enough to celebrate the 10th anniversary of OGame with just one single event? Never! For the entire next 10 weeks we will launch amazing & new events over and over! Meanwhile we will keep you up to date about 'what happens now!' with a timeline directly within the game!

      10 years OGame - 10 theme weeks with several new events - be part of it!

      Discuss the news there : OGame 10th anniversary - DIscussion

      Regards, your OGame team

    • 1st Week

      Already in the first week we will launch a brand new event... Not only new universes will welcome our excited players. Additionally, within your already given universes, we will raise new planets for you!

      Those planets will offer the chance to collect several items out of them. For the duration of this event (05. - 07.10.) you will get the chance be rewarded from your attacks on these worlds. But of course it only works with a real ship - to send just a probe won't pop up your reward! And also honor just comes up with single attacks - no fame (or items) for ACS attacks!

      Not every attack can lead to success - keep it rolling and take the prize for your unstintingly effort!

      Regards, your OGame team

    • 2nd Week

      Dear players,

      The second week from our event marathon begins! This week we will go through the history of OGame to check out the origin of moons within the game - one of the most interesting tactical elements of OGame. Since the end of 2003 you have had the chance for the formation of moons after a battle and and coming with it a huge advantage for the fight for the top ranking within your universe!

      To celebrate the history of moons in OGame we will raise the moon creation chance to 30% (from 11. - 15.10.)!

      If there are enough ships in combat, the chance will raise from 20% to 30% - the maximal diameter stays as it is. As usual your combat report will inform you about the results of your combat - about victory or defeat - if there is a moon or not!

      Also during this week we will have a small look on the implementation of the commander and our officers - and add a special bonus to all diligent users of our officers' mess. If you have all officers & commander activated you will from now on receive the following bonus as this is a new & permanent feature of the game:

      • +1 fleet slot
      • +1 espionage level
      • +2% mine production
      • +2% energy production

      These bonuses will be activated automatically if you have the commander and all officers online simultaneously!

      Regards, your OGame team

    • 3rd Week

      Dear players,

      We have just started into the third week of our event marathon – this week it is especially regarding our researches and the "Intergalactic Research Network", as well as the planets itself.

      For a start, we will increase the efficiency of the "Intergalactic Research Network" for the duration of this event (17. - 23.10.).

      • If you have already researched the "Intergalactic Research Network" we will add one research lab to every connected planet for the calculation of the duration of your research.
      • If the "Intergalactic Research Network" hasn't been researched yet, we will add two levesl to the research lab for the calculation of the duration of your research.

      So if you start your research during this week, they will be faster than usual. The added laboratory will influence the requirements for your research as well. This may offer the chance to research something which wouldn't be possible without this event!

      Additionally we will have a small Happy Hour during this week which will fit to the event. Be curious!

      To support the development of your planets, and to offer the possibility to enlarge your empire, we will introduce a new item during this week. With the help of this new item you will have the chance to add new building slots to your planet - maximal 15 additional planet fields!

      Thereby you can choose if you want to add 4, 9 or 15 fields to your world - but take care of it - if you activate a higher item the small one will be lost. It's not possible to combine them! You will find our new items in the shop!

      Enjoy the third week of our event - have fun!

      Regards, your OGame team

    • 4th Week

      Dear players,

      it is time for the next week within our 10th anniversary - and it is time for one more new event!

      During this week (from 25. - 28.10.) outer space will lift the shroud of mystery again and offers the chance to start a lucrative foray!

      In the course of time everywhere within the universe debris fields will appear on position 17 - but they are not containing resources. To celebrate the introduction of Dark Matter we filled them up with some DM - more than on a usual expedition!

      Be the first one with your recycler and receive 1000 Dark Matter on every collected debris field! First come, first served!

      The debris fields will appear in different solar systems, several times during the day. Discovered one? Start your engines - be the first one on its position and get your reward!

      Enjoy the fourth week of our event - have fun!

      Regards, your OGame team

    • 5th Week

      Dear players,

      The fifth week of our 10th anniversary - time to have a look for the latest ship - the battle cruiser!

      In memory of the implementation of the battle cruiser - and therefore a real change within the structure of your fleet - you will be able to construct battle cruiser during this week (from 01. - 05.11.) in just half the time.

      Take the chance to reinforce your fleet with this useful ship and prepare yourself for the combat for the supremacy in outer space!

      Furthermore, we will surprise you with another gift this week to say 'thank you' for the great time and your fidelity.

      This week every player will receive all officers and the commander for 7 days for free - and therefore our bundle bonuses will be activated as well. For the next 7 days:
      • Commander
      • Admiral
      • Engineer (not in universes with DiDF)
      • Geologist
      • Technocrat
      • ...and the bonus, consisting of : +1 fleet slot, +1 espionage level, +2% mines production & +2% energy production


      Experience the commander and the officers and benefit from their advantages!

      Enjoy the fifth week of our event - have fun!

      Regards, your OGame team

    • 6th Week

      Dear players,

      The sixth week of our 10th anniversary is here!

      "Mineral belts around an unknown planet contained countless resources. The expedition ships are coming back and their storages are full!"

      This and several more messages may entertain you on your expeditions which offer the possibility to collect resources, Dark Matter & ships in outer space - or to meet some not so nice pirates & aliens.

      To celebrate the introduction of expedtitions - formerly possible with the help of the expedition research - we will start some brand new expedition events during this week (from 09. - 11.11.). Besides the chance to collect Dark Matter, you possibly can find some items out there (all items which are already given on Import / Export)!

      Start your journey and try to return with full storages!

      Additionally, we will have a very rare Happy Hour this week. During the event (from 12. - 13.11.) you can use the resource merchant with 2000 Dark Matter per call (instead of 3500)!

      Use the chance and bargain for the best trade ratio!
      Let's go!

      Enjoy the sixth week of our event - have fun!

      Regards, your OGame team

    • 7. Week

      During the 7th & 8th year we were mostly busy with creating the redesign for OGame with several connected changes within the game. We used the chance to get ready for the future of gaming - and for several more years of endless fun!

      Nevertheless, we will improve an already given feature of OGame to raise your resource production of metal and crystal.

      You already have the chance to receive more energy or deuterium by choosing a special position within your system - now you can upgrade your production of metal and crystal as well! In the future (starting 15.11.), the following research will help you with it:

      Plasma Technology

      With every researched level your production will raise a small bit!

      Community Event

      And of course we want to include you - the community - during our event weeks. That's why we start a small international community event!

      In the course of it you can do nearly everything you want to answer your question:

      "What is the most funny - crazy - entertaining - or indescribable thing you ever did ... related to OGame?"

      Show us your skills!
      • a small Flashmob?
      • tattoo of your alliance logo?
      • found your partner through OGame? Married him or her?
      • baked an OGame cake?
      • made a photo of you as technocrat?
      • decorated your room in OGame style?
      • your cat sitting your OGame account?

      Everything is welcome, the more crazy, the better!!

      It is not important if it has existed before or or has been created newly - just show us your stuff! Take a photo or video of it - or send a sample. But it needs to be here in just one week - latest November 23rd your photo, video or drawing needs to be in our office!

      Our internal jury - the OGame team - will have a look for everything and select the Top 10! Next week we will already announce the winners! Fame & honour will be with you! Show your stuff to the international community and receive coupons for reaching the Top 10!


      What are you waiting for? Let's go!
      - - - WTH was here - - -


      ogame has no bugs...only unbalanced features^^
      yeah my girlfriend too :P

    • 8th Week

      Dear players,

      The 8th week of our 10th anniversary is here!

      This week we will start with a change in one of our already given features as well - by upgrading another research of OGame!

      Everyone knows it - after some time your planet reaches its limit and you need the space for something new - but to tear down a building can be very expensive. In the future (starting 22.11.), the following research will help you with it:

      Ion Technology

      With every researched level the costs to tear down a building will decrease until you rearch level 25 where the whole process will be for free!

      Also this week we will go on with our community event. We will present the most interesting submissions and keep you up to date with interesting projects.

      At the end of this week we will select the winners and present all their submissions to the international communities again - on the forum, on FaceBook and on G+!

      We are already curious and still happy about every participant!

      Thanks for your participation,
      Your OGame Team

    • 9th Week

      Dear players,

      The 9th week of our 10th OGame anniversary event is here!

      Last year, with the implementation of the new noob protection system, we also added a bonus for inviting new players to the game. We have added a personal invite link to our buddy system and have given new players the chance to be placed very near to you after their registration.

      Furthermore, you can already receive buddy points for each invited and still active friend which can be used to get small advantages.

      Starting this week (29.11.) you will receive even more buddy points for each invited friend, 2 BP per day (instead of just one). Your buddy counts for the system if:
      • Tutorial 1-4 is done.
      • Your buddy gets 1% more points during the last 24h.

      Your invited friend will also receive buddy points now - one BP per day! Oh, and if you'll invite someone during the event time (29.11. - 03.12.) you will receive 3 BP per day for him!

      And don't forget - if your invited friend buys Dark Matter, you will get 5% from it as Buddy Premium Points added to your account. Those BPP can be exchanged for Dark Matter within your account - up to 2 DM for every BPP!

      Enjoy the ninth week of our event - have fun with your friends!

      your OGame Team

    • 10th Week

      In our last event week we will go on with our latest feature - the items and your possibility to get some of them for free.

      To offer some more free items to *everyone* we will have a small event on our Import / Export which will have a new item twice a day for the duration of our event (06. - 07.12.)! Visit the Import / Export menu every 12h and have some fun with bronze, silver or golden containers - good luck!

      Also we will fulfill one of your wishes and open the auctioneer from 10. - 11.12. for the whole day - every hour the chance to get a new item with outbidding your opponents. Not just from 6:00 in the morning till 23:00 in the evening - visit the auctioneer all day long!

      Since we have now reached the end of our long event line we want to take the chance and say 'Thank You' for 10 really amazing years with all of you.Without your help, without our great active and open-minded community, OGame wouldn't have been possible during all these years and surely wouldn't be here anymore. We really hope that you had some fun during these events and during the last 10 years - maybe so much fun as we had. And maybe we can go on like that for some more time - to enjoy some more amazing years - altogether.

      Your OGame Team