RIP Guide

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    • i am doing a RIP Guide as there isnt any guide for RIPs.

      these are the infos i would like to include in the guide, if anyone has more to add, plz just make a note of it in your post so i can add them, and at the end, write the guide properly and fully developed :)

      ** Usage in normal universes and in speed universes. ( in normal universes they arent used as much in speed universe and mainly in 4x and 5x speed universe )

      Moon Destruction related:

      ** The percent chance to kill the moon is:
      (100 - (Moonsize) ^ ½) * (number of death stars) ^ ½

      ** The percent chance the attacking fleet is destroyed:
      ((Moonsize) ^ ½) / 2

      ** No df created through the process, even if the rip or the moon is destroyed during the MD mission.

      ** RIP needs to win the battle ( on defense and fleet ) before it has the ability to attempt the MD mission

      ** Strategies for destroying moons ( in 1x speed and speed universes )

      Attack related:

      ** mostly used to crack turtles

      ** needed in big numbers to be actually useful in attacks and turtle cracking

      ** how to use in 1x speed and speed universes

      Defense related:

      ** big influence if put behind a turtle in good and suffiant numbers, and can make some turtles uncrackable to the even biggest rippers

      ** has big advantage in changing the result of the combat when crashing a fleet
    • DeathStar Guide

      ** What is a DeathStar ?

      A DeathStar is the ultimate ship in the game from Shiled, Weapon, Armor, Structural Integrity and Rapid Fire point of views. The DeathStar is a versatile ship and is used in different circumstances from attacking and defending point of views.
      Rips are mostly used in speed universes ( 2x speed universe and even more in 4x and 5x speed universes ) more than the normal speed universes because of its low speed and the time it takes to reach its destination.

      ** Attacking point of view:

      Rips ( DeathStars ) are mostly used in turtle cracking, and killing uber-turtles who have massive defenses that speed fleet cannot break through or profit with. Usually turtle cracking includes large amounts of Rips so they can effectively go through all defenses with minimal losses and maximum profits or just for bashing purposes at low cost.

      **Defensive point of view:

      Usually Rips are a really good addition to any sort of turtle ( not basic defense, but a TURTLE ). Rips behind big defense can have a major influence on the battle result, from a massive loss on the defensive side, to breaking even and sometimes huge losses for attacker(s).
      Sometimes adding a good bunch of Rips behind a very well based turtle that has good fodder amounts and plasmas, can make the turtle uncrackable to even the biggest rippers in your universe.
      Also, adding big Rip amounts to a defending fleet, can also alter the result of the battle and lead to either a un-killable fleet or major losses on attacking side.

      ** Moon Destruction:

      The percent chance to kill the moon is:
      (100 - (Moonsize) ^ ½) * (number of death stars) ^ ½

      The percent chance the attacking fleet is destroyed:
      ((Moonsize) ^ ½) / 2

      Moon destruction formulas can be calculated through tools such as ( Moon destruction ( O-calc ) and on All in one calc and others.

      Usually the tactics used for MDs are to send as many waves of rips as possible, whether it is through getting help from a friend to MD with you or not, but always make sure that each one of the players trying to MD should not exceed the bashing limits ( Battle occur before MD attempts so they are counted as attacks, and by that, bashing rules are applied to MDs, so be aware of that ).

      Done by the Origin Team.