Change of Vacation mode

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    • Change of Vacation mode

      I would like to propose a change of Vacation mode. A lot of people are using it as Fleetsave then they are "defrosting" for a few hours to attack other players and after that they are going to vacation mode again. Its like their playstyle what is unfair to us, normal playing players. I suggest that after "defrosting" player have to wait for at least another 48 hours to go back to vacation mode. (or something like that) Simply, just make some delay that should give us at least some chance to get these players.

      Best Regards CryWolf
      PS.: I'm sorry my English is not very good
    • I would like this suggestion but the fact is that a player, after returned from a v-mode, may have an emergency.
      If you think about it they already get 0% of production to do things like this. Is necessary to do what you suggested? Or you can just fleetsave properly and don't get caught by them when they come back from v-mode?
      Maybe you can get him after the attack.

      Anyway it is right, this is an improperly way to use the v-mode sistem. Something should be done.

      Ps: Like him, sorry for my english.
    • TGWo wrote:

      Panda Rosso wrote:

      I would like this suggestion but the fact is that a player, after returned from a v-mode, may have an emergency.
      seriously, how often does it happen? It is a very small chance.
      It does not happen often and I do think this idea is good.

      Often I have 12h + FS happening I already cannot v-mode in this kind of emergency. So I think this suggestion is valid.

      (I had pipes break in the house a few weeks back and vmode then after fleets land it is a very nice feature to have but a minimum time on both ends would be perfectly fine.)
    • Disadvantages of being in vmode:
      -No Mine production.
      -Ongoing buildings, researches, ships and defenses are frozen.
      -Cannot attack anyone during v-mode.

      -Cannot be attacked by anyone.

      I think, no, I say it with absolute certainty, vmode is fine as it is... It's fine to be a vmode warrior. If you get attacked by a vmode warrior, chances are, you could've been attacked by any online player all the same.

      Maybe you want to retaliate to a vmode warrior because he attacked you? Well, try not to get crashed or farmed in the first place... And in most cases, said vmode warrior only vmodes because he's trying to escape from far bigger fish in the sea, and generally come out of vmode to attack people far weaker than him as well, so you won't be retaliating anything anyway...