Revamp of the three technologies

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    • Revamp of the three technologies

      The idea is simple, i want to see every technology useful for something to allow players multiple strategies and play style.
      Now let's begin!

      Tech Info: Laser Technology *
      Focusing light produces a beam that causes damage when it strikes an object.
      Lasers (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) produce an intense, energy rich emission of coherent light. These devices can be used in all sorts of areas, from optical computers to heavy laser weapons, which effortlessly cut through armour technology. The laser technology provides an important basis for research of other weapon technologies.

      Suggestion: I think that this technology can be used to improve cargo capacity, cause heavy laser weapons can be used to cut (like it said) the resources into smaller part, or even dust, allowing cargo to carry more of them. At the same time i think that the optical computers part can be used to improve the rapid fire sistem, each level may improve by a small % the RF that all your ships have, and even reduce the RF your defenses have. This of course will mean that the more you upgrade laser technology the more efficiency your ship/defenses will have in combat, all thanks to the optical computers. Anyway these are only suggestions, they may be got in block or alone.

      Tech Info: Hyperspace Technology *
      By integrating the 4th and 5th dimensions it is now possible to research a new kind of drive that is more economical and efficient.
      In theory, the idea of hyperspace travel relies on the existence of a separate and adjacent dimension. When activated, a hyperspace drive shunts the starship into this other dimension, where it can cover vast distances in an amount of time greatly reduced from the time it would take in "normal" space. Once it reaches the point in hyperspace that corresponds to its destination in real space, it re-emerges.
      Once a sufficient level of Hyperspace Technology is researched, the Hyperspace Drive is no longer just a theory.

      Suggestion: I think that this technology (like someone said in another thread) should improve deuterium consumption of the ships. Furthermore we are talking about new kind of drive, so why can't we say that this "new kind of drive" is something that can produce energy? We are talking about way to travel in the space. If we think about a drive that can produce energy and we combine it with "more economical and efficient" we can use this technology to improve the fusion reactor deuterium consumption. Each level then allow us to reduce the ships consumption and the fusion reactor consumption, maybe in different %.

      Tech Info: Graviton Technology
      Firing a concentrated charge of graviton particles can create an artificial gravity field, which can destroy ships or even moons.

      A graviton is an elementary particle that is massless and has no cargo. It determines the gravitational power. By firing a concentrated load of gravitons, an artificial gravitational field can be constructed. Not unlike a black hole, it draws mass into itself. Thus it can destroy ships and even entire moons. To produce a sufficient amount of gravitons, huge amounts of energy are required.

      Suggestion: I think that this technology may be the most useful of the game. I mean why can't we do that every level (other then lv 1) of this technology allow us to get more % to create a moon or to destroy a moon? I mean, if it determines the gravitational power more level may mean more destructive power and at the same time more level may mean an artificial gravity field that is under our controll, or used for a short time to allow us to use debris fields to get moons. Of course the boost to each % (destroy or create) may be different, but guys, why not?
      The orange part can be used for both theories.

      This suggestion is because i readed many threads about moons. Many players are saying that the moons are too weak, they can be destroied easy, they want an easy way to do why don't allow players to improve their own chance to get the moons via research? (only the % is affected, not the diameter) On the other hand i readed many players saying that to attack someone is really hard, cause the moons many time don't come down and the "bashing rule" is even another thing that can help the why don't allow player to improve their own chance to destroy a moon via research? (note that the % is not thinked to be applied to every RIP sent, but only at the % o the MC mission. For example, if i get 1% extra to MC, if i send 1 RIP or 12 RIP the % got via research is for both missions +1%, not +1% and +12%)
      Furthermore we may do like military research that the difference between GT is calculed when a MC mission is started, but of course calculated in a different way.

      If you think about it, years ago, do GT was really hard and an achivement for those who did it, it was risky but now it is not anymore.......but for level 1. Imagine if people need to improve this technology "again"!......planet in position 1 again, more risks, more crashers that want the solar satellite debris, more game and even more strategy/work/objectives to achieve.

      That's all! Share your thoughts...

      * I know that there is something already accepted for the cargo capacity that include hyperspace technology, but i think this way is better, especially because i don't see the affinity between more capacity/hyperspace tech.

      Ps: I'm italian, sorry for my bad english.

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    • Personally i don't like a lot when a research have more that 1-2 effect ......... so Okey that after a reasearch is not more used can add a new effect, but to have 2 new effects i don't like

      Maybe it was better you focus in what effect want to have research without spend time to manage description :P

      About Graviton Tecnology the only problem that i see it is that it is very easy to do if you shop, and very impossible to do if you don't shop ........... so, we are sure that want to introduce something that it will be possible to have only if you use MO ?

    • TGWo, prima di tutto...da quanto tempo! Ciao bello! Mi piacerebbe venirti a trovare sul .it, ma non posso essere abilitato a quanto pare, peccato. Detto questo;

      These are my suggestions, you are not forced to approve all of them. You can pick one for each tech, two, or even pick just one of the three tech suggested. I only shared my thoughts to improve these three technologies that are useless after a certain level. All i want is to see those technologies be useful in the late game term.

      Now the descriptions are the descriptions that are being used in game right now, i just changed the colours to the parts that affect my suggestions. I didn't changed anything in the descriptions.

      About GT the problem is not the shop, the shop is already a problem and can be a problem for every implementation.

      By the way we may improve it changing its cost.
      It may be;
      LV 1 300.000 (something big like right now to sblock "the" ship)
      LV 2 301.000
      LV 3 302.000
      LV 4 304.000
      In this way the problem for shopper and no-shopper is not how hard is it to be done, but how mantain the energy on your planet, not allowing enemy to destroy it, allowing you to continue to improve that research. This may change the strategy cause people maybe will start to use fusion reactor instead of satellites if is needed to mantain that energy for a long time.

      Anyway the % to improve MC will not be so big. I already saw that on the ".it" you have already started to discuss about my idea of GT, the % to MC will be really small, for example, it may be lv 1 standard, lv 2 +1%, lv 3 +1.3%, lv 4 +1.7%, lv 5 +2.1%. I mean something really small that is not something you would shop for it, especially if you think that you can shop to get the GT LvX, but you want to improve it even more and you need to defende your planet to do it. Thinking "i shop 100.000 satellites for GT lv 12....ok it's done" is not a good idea, cause if you want to go one day to lv13 or even more you need anyway to defend your satellites and/or your planet.
      Another way to improve it may be upgrade the time for the tech, like 1s at lv1, and from lv 2....minutes? hours? This will mean that it will be not only a "shop satellites....ok done!", will mean a real colony only for that tech in position 1, with defense, buildings, fusion reactor, satellites and co. A planet where if you lose your satellites while you are doing LvX GT, for the LvX+1 GT you need to rebuild the satellites of LvX before and then the satellites needed for the LvX+1 after. A real planet to be defended.

      I mean, there are many ways to improve this thing, what we need is just understand which is the better option, and if we really want to see technologies useful for a long term game.

      Ps: Ho visto che dopo il mio post vi siete attivati per creare un'equazione/formula per rendere applicabile il suggerimento della GT. Direi che condividerlo anche qui non potrebbe fare che bene, visto che io per quanto riguarda formule ed altro lascio, ovviamente, tutto in mano a chi se ne intende.

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