Allowed to refresh planet overview?

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    • Allowed to refresh planet overview?

      Would a script be allowed to refresh the overview of all your planets to snapshot progress and ensure updated event bar? No auto login. I think I may have had an account banned for prototyping a 40 line selenium node script, but I wasn't auto logging in or anything.

      side note, await async is pretty neat!
    • Ok one more then. How about sending a series of cargo's all at once in different speeds and waiting for their arrival on the fleet page?
      If there's a way to do this that isn't the same as a commanders would it be ok? I'd be ok if I had to do this manually, too..

      That would also show res numbers affected by transfers to the planet when they arrive and the fleet page refreshes, right?
      Also is that a whole page refresh or just a panel/frame refresh?

      Thanks for your time and quick response, btw. I saw that there's a database tool that's approved but i just want to practice w/ node and selenium. Currently i have a script just parsing info on the pages into a colorful/simple cli after it sees me click an overview page. It just shows the resources name and a color to indicate empty/middle/filled and the planet name in bash.

      I couldn't find a suitable interface for mobile and wanted to try to make something for myself. As is i rdp to play the game bcuz the message modals don't work right in chrome mobile browser. I have to squeeze the screen a bunch and i don't like the gesture at all.

      If any of this is possible i could probably make a tool to help make it quicker to see what fleets to send to a planet and a way to tell when there's enough resources there to build a structure. In this case i'd be curious if i could display a semi pre filled fleet dispatch page for the user to complete and send the resources.

      Sorry for all the q's, I'm just not familiar with what's allowed vs not and the forum post isn't very in depth. AntiGame Origin chrome extension also adds a bunch of ui info, but I'd prefer to not see most of it and I still can't use that interface on mobile.


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