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    • bashing limits

      As the only 6x uni in .us grows its becoming an issue that the bashing limit is X6, MDs are becoming more and more common. the question is how can someone pop a moon in X6 tries since the chance is so limited? I asked and so did others from the same uni on the .us boards and too no avail the GOs were of no help so i came here for an answer and discussion. might I suggest that either the bash limit be raised or have MDs not count towards this?
    • <p>the chance of a successful MD without having stupid amount of rips especially in a new uni is difficult so its not a joke im being serious. I understand the 2 seperate bash limits between moon and planet but to have 6 failed attempts because you dont have enough rips as a solo player isnt fair. also isnt fair to tell a solo player to do a different gameplay because the bashing limit was limited to some unis (which are dead now) instead of the fastest uni on .us makes no sense to me at all </p>
    • Hey folks. This started as a bit of a thing on ,us community, and I will be putting together a pro/con and a proposal soon.

      Stay tuned for a coherent idea to make this for everyone, not just over-agressive players!

      The gist at this point is to allow 6 mds, and 6 attacks (separate) instead of a higher bashing limit like some of the other speed unis.

      Ex: 6 mds, 6 bashing limit.

      This would keep interference missions separate from MDS, so you could actually send 6 mds (lets be real, still a decently low prob of a pop here without an alliance and backup) and send missions to keep them from being ninjad without being unable to use a full six.

      If im not saying this in the most coherent manner, just wait a bit until i get something more reader friendly, as of now, we are trying to get it put together in a manner everyone can get behind, so as to not make the game unplayable for people, and to let others use the MD function without having to throw down 400 rips on an md. lol.

      Keep in mind, we are a smaller community, so therefore there isnt always a plethora of individuals to work with at all times, yknow?…anging-the-Rules-for-War/

      Read before you assume whats up from the title, and maybe put in you two cents before we try to make this a bit more coherent :)


      - MSR

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    • @ManSizedRooster that is not going to happen. You maybe have heard about the "Bash-Warning" Feature, which is currently not active. Due to this the Bashing Rules already got changed and should be the same for every community now. MDs and destroyed fleets count towards bashing, battleoutcome doesn't matter. They won't change it again, so seperating MDs and normal Attacks isn't going to happen, no need to suggest it on your local board as community only rule ;)

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    • Im not talking about existing universes because im pretty aware that wouldnt get changed.

      Im talking about uni settings for future unis. There are lots of features that differ throughout each uni, chaos, stuff like that, so why would they not be interested in making it something that could possibly be submitted for a universe if the player base shows interest.

      Basically, somewhat like a chaos server, but.... chaos light? lol

      Furthermore, this can be a compromise for merges. People wont be happy when they go from a universe where the bashing limit is 24, or 12, to 6. This would help mitigate the loss of player base from that possibility.

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