A small improvement for expeditions and alliances

    • Alliance and Player Interaction

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    • A small improvement for expeditions and alliances

      I just returned to ogame after about 2 years and I see that population decrease is still a problem. Also the fact that there is such a gap between top players on these universes and the rest of the players. I don't pretend that my proposal is the best solution to these probems but maybe could make a difference.
      So, expeditions as they are now seem pretty useless to me. Also joining an alliance doesn't give you many benefits,you just join a group and you can have more fun and help each other in ACS. But that is if you have members that are good at the game and active. And you can trade resources. But You don't need an alliance to do all these anyway,it's not an exclusive feature. Also,this system doesn't benefit new,small or bad players. Selling deuterium is the only way they can contribute to the good of the alliance. That and being a bait maybe. And that doesn't benefit the alliance itself but a certain player. I think socialization has a big role in a mmorpg and having alliances is very important for that purpose. But new players don't have many chances to join a good alliance where they can learn and enjoy the game more. Good alliances are exclusive groups most of the time,with a few good players. Ogame doesn't promote alliances with many members,If you accept too many people you denie yourself potential farms and if they are bad and get attacked many times they are also useless and just feed rivals. Now,expecting that every player will improve is unrealistic. Many will not and if they are farmed many times they will leave because they fall too much behind and they don't have other objective in this game but too improve their highscore.
      So I proposal a solution that can make evey new member usefull as long as they are a bit active and give more benefit to numerous alliances.
      Make it so every time you send an expedition you earn one point (call them as you want, expedition points or alliance points). Every player can keep track on how many points they have and keep them when they switch alliances. These points should be cumulated from all alliance members and depending on how many points the alliance has,that alliance will get a level. Each level will give 1% resources boost. So for level 1 you need 1000 points,for level 2 you need 2500 , level 3 - 4750 and so on. 50% more points for the next level or something similar.
      I don't think this is game breaking or hard to implement and I strongly believe that would add more depth to the game and make it more social and interesting for new players