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    • Retro server some information

      Dear players,

      A year ago, we were very pleased to offer you the chance to play the old OGame retro version again on a dedicated server. Started as a hobby project within our development team, we put a lot of efforts and tears into the retro universe, offering you the opportunity to experience the “good old times” again. However, as time goes on, we were faced with several more critical issues within this version, also affecting the game play and your entertainment on this universe. Sadly including a few players intentionally abusing the system to prevent all the others from having the fun they wanted to have there.

      Therefore, we decided to keep the retro universe permanently deactivated.

      Maybe at some point, in a galaxy far, far way, we will be able to work on such a project again. For now we just want to say “thank you” to everybody involved and hope that you all enjoyed the time we had.


      Your OGame team