Laser Technology slightly decreases construction times

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    • Laser Technology slightly decreases construction times

      The only 2 techs that do not provide any benefit after certain level (12 for laser, 8 for hyperspace) could be given some slight bonus so that leveling them isn't completely useless (good example is added % production bonus to plasma tech). There is a good and accepted idea for hyperspace, so I will suggest one for laser.

      My idea is that you get 1% lower construction times per each level of laser technology to both buildings and fleet/defense. (possible explanation: higher laser tech = more energy efficient and precise lasers = faster construction by robots (nanites))

      Alternatively, since research times are the biggest problem at the moment, each level could decrease research times by 1%. (possible explanation: similar to above, we can see on intergalactic tech image that planets are communicating via some sort of laser-beam :) )

      Of course, the rate itself isn't fixed, it can be more or less than 1%.
    • That would basically mean all of the sims will have to account 4 technologies instead of 3, thus making combat / optimal fleet ratios calculations even more difficult, therefore, my opinion is that all concepts involving potential amendments of the existing unit properties should be handled with extreme care.

      In relation to the suggested modification, it appears to me that the Krakens/Detroids will practically diminish any significant gains such bonus is assumed to provide.

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    • TGWo wrote:

      I don't like a lot to use this research in this way.
      I like idea to add a bonus, but as I think I have already read in an other thread (or maybe i have see in italian community) i will prefer to increase damage of particular defences and ships (imaging that they use this tecnology)
      In my opinion it would be unfair that this technology increases damage of light and heavy lasers (for example) if Ion/Plasma tech doesn't increase the damage of ion cannons/plasma turrets. That could be a whole new global idea that different techs increase weapons (and maybe some other properties) of ships/defenses, apart from the already existing 3 technologies.