Hyperspacetech increases Cargocapacity

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    • +1 from me too, good to see another research do something in the late game.

      My small change proposal would be to make it just increase capacity by 5% per level starting from level 1. Ends up around the same % as this, and is more in line with what other researches do. Maybe make it apply to all ships as well, would be more consistent and the effect on combat ships would be rather minimal (except for RIPs).
    • For say the quick response and something short, other then being something new, I'd just say 50-50 otherwise. So say, least the continued worth of feedback seems reasonable even if say the idea doesn't change afterwards. Something might sum up till then for say a different "total".

      Otherwise I'm stuck on say the Star Trek: The Next Generation Theme Song and the Words in some sorts of, "This is Cargo Mid-shipman, in my log is the information for cargo distribution. Despite any place left to go is to boldy seek out what is left to find as about anything else fills the holds, and find more room and new places as still not gone before, this is otherwise always checked twice right before ..

      I had actually a few versions to say, but kept losing them. Had one for say not getting work done to say, but couldn't quite start it off the same-way. Or more so of really anyways..



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    • @NoMoreAngel Is it accepted in general and they need to think about what to implement or the complete idea is already chosen, and now they only need to actually implement it?

      In case it's decided, since many have been discussed, which “version” is it? Does it affect every ship, or only the “transport” ships? Does it have a bigger step in higher levels as was mentioned? Many things were said, but since there was no feedback, I don't know what's the end form of the idea.

      Deuterium consumption definitely affects more ships than just large and small cargos and recyclers...
      Also, in case of the bigger step coming at level 20+21 I believe it's too late, a very (very very very) small proportion of people will get there. May be instead of every two levels, you could put that since level 19, every level adds a 20%. But still, I believe that's too late to make those levels of the research attractive (and ensure use of those precious double clicks :D).
    • Only the version with the 20% increase that affects SC,LC and Recs was forwarded.

      A change in the deut consumption wasn't really wanted for this. To be honest, changing the deut consumption in a balanced way would be really complex, because as we all know OGame likes to round numbers ^^

      Maybe we will get a higher increase in the higher levels, maybe not. You need to consider that this would add a huge benefit to the top players.

      For RiVs last reply there was bo feedback yet.

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    • Okay
      I did some rough calculation:

      G is a formula of:
      FX/D20 - D20 is Made from transfering 4500 Metall into Crystal and 5500 Metal into Deuterium => I've taken Crystal as the limiting factor here. - I didnt have enough time to figure out a better solution so far, but I guess this works.

      Collumn K shows the number of recyclers to fill up the difference between new and old capacity.

      With the current approach we would be at a break even point of 31775 Recyclers on Level 16.
      That's a total cost of
      262.140.000 Crystal 131.070.000 Crystal
      For me personally its too early//Cheap. Comparing it to other Important techs (Impuls 17/Hyper15) it seems too low. On the other hand it might be good to reach it that early, to have a balancing to these other techs (as a fleeter you don't have endless ressources either.)

      I would love to have a different improvement rate.
      Starting the improvement by level 10 pushes the needed level/recycler pretty far:

      127.100 recyclers or Level 18 with
      1.048.572.000 Crystal 524.286.000 Deuterium costs - seems a bit too high.

      I would aim for Level 17, but didn't find an improvement rate that is "perfect".

      I like this approach because of several reasons:
      • The overall cost for reaching the break even point is around 786.426.000 Ressources. Imp Recy are at 865.068.000 => Its a very reachable point.
      • It wouldn't change the early game - but help people in the late game
      • With the changed improvement rate after Level 15 this Research is pretty good for late game purposes and can help to make high end accounts more playable.
      Remember: I couldn't take into account how much deuterium you save since you have to send way less recyclers.

      I would find it sad if this tech is too cheap, because it shifts fleet ratios pretty hard. I know that many people don't have enough recyclers in the late game on the other hand (saving costs, building costs) => It would help these people.

      I hope my post was kinda understandable.
    • Could you also make a chart where the system like it was suggested is calculated? It was suggested that only all 2 levels you get an improvement.

      scorer wrote:

      With the current approach we would be at a break even point of 31775 Recyclers on Level 16.
      So this one wouldn't happen, because you need level 17 to get the next tier unlocked, after that level 19.

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    • So essentially the Initial Numbers do not have an equal difference, to say augment the worth for Twice Worth the samething till say Level 19 plus on the otherwise stated of implementation for a change of numbers??

      Which I guess would be fine if so, but seems to me just to encourage Recyclers to used more sooner than later for the off-set and when got factor spending the same amount of Resources for cost of Recyclers for Resources gained, within Initial stages of bonus gain is already within its' mean of expense for lesser income.

      Especially on the interest of research to add the difference.

      For as high of Levels for Research still at a time, seems like adding the effect to ground based Storage would be the counter balance to further push the late for one say still to be from additional effects to have than what one was before to add just of say the additional effects.
      That way say, lesser Recyclers would be of interest despite the expense, otherwise would say need to make lesser Storage in total for gaining more Buildings to build.