Hyperspacetech increases Cargocapacity

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    • Hyperspacetech increases Cargocapacity

      Aren't you all annoyed by always having to build lots and lots of Cargos/Recys to get the job done and maybe want to research something usefull while climbing in the researchhighscore? There might be a solution for your problem!

      The Origin- and Tech-Team together had an idea and refined it a bit (Similar to this one: Hyperspace technology linked to cargo capacity). We tought that it might be usefull to increase the Cargospace of Small Cargos, Large Cargos and Recyclers and also give an Research a new, usefull, function after level 8. The idea is to let Hyperspacetechnology increase the Cargospace of these three ships after level 8, so that you can gain ~100% more Cargospace. We discussed internally and this is our idea. Please give us your feedback, if you like it, why you like it or not and what you would change :)
      We will collect all the feedback to hand it over to the developers, which are also here on the origin board (Teampage (OGame Developement))

      (both needed)
      Costs summed total
      20% Variant
      9C: 1.024.000
      D: 512.000

      C: 1.024.000
      D: 512.000
      SC: 6.000
      LC: 30.000
      Recy: 24.000
      11C: 6.144.000
      D: 3.072.000

      C: 7.168.000
      D: 3.584.000
      SC: 7.000
      LC: 35.000
      Recy: 28.000
      13C: 24.576.000
      D: 12.288.000

      C: 31.744.000
      D: 15.872.000
      SC: 8.000
      LC: 40.000
      Recy: 32.000
      15C: 98.304.000
      D: 49.152.000

      C: 130.048.000
      D: 65.024.000
      SC: 9.000
      LC: 45.000
      Recy: 36.000
      17C: 393.216.000
      D: 196.608.000

      C: 523.264.000
      D: 261.632.000
      SC: 10.000
      LC: 50.000
      Recy: 40.000
      19C: 1.572.864.000
      D: 786.432.000

      SC: 11.000
      LC: 55.000
      Recy: 44.000

      There isn't any time frame for the change, we need first to decide ( with your help) how this feature should be realised and what would be the best gameplaywise.

      Origin Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief

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    • I put together a google doc to play around with various configs: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d…osdThUIs/edit?usp=sharing

      I added your proposal, as well as a simplified 10%/level proposal. I also implemented a 7%/level compounding suggestion (which should scale better to very high techs) and an inversely compounding growth formula, which caps the max storage of each ship at 2.5x (+150%) of it's base value.

      The last grouping might be a bit confusing. It assumes the maximum capacity you are allowed to have is 2.5 of the base storage (+150%) and progresses towards that at 10% increments. The first increment adds 15% capacity, the next 13.5% (10% of the remaining 135%), and so on.

      Having built the table for them, I'll admit to liking your approach for its clean calculations. Small Cargos storing 9,836 res is a bit odd.
    • I am against this idee and the reason is simple. If I bild up fleet then I do this, because I want to generate resources. If I catch a fleet, let's say from a miner, then I want also the debris and with your idee is it shrinking..a lot.
      If you want shipping a lot of resources then you should also build the ships for it.
    • instead of increasing cargo capacity of those ships, a new kind of ship for transportation can be introduced.

      i dont support this idea because:

      1- fleeters would enjoy this feature a lot more than miners because recycler capacity would increase and they wouldnt have to spend more resources to build more recyclers and they wouldnt spend as much deut as they do now.

      2- miners already save some of their resources by building mines or save with research when they dont have much capacity on their fleets.

      long story short, fleeters would have more advantage over miners. this idea would work in favor of fleeters.

      i suggest that this idea shouldnt include recyclers but it can increase capacity of SC and LC
    • @echonia and how is that a problem? The problem with deuterium for larger fleets at later stages of the game is a big one.

      Pros for fleeters: Difference in number of recyclers they need to have / send to a battle = less deuterium consumption
      Cons for fleeters: miners would have fewer cargos than now (but may be they get more confidence and accumulate more resources in there, but this is just a may be), so cargo slaps would have smaller profit (the real profit of cargos is usually in the resources, rather than the debris, but still).

      Pros for miners: less cargos needed in your fleet, or may be the opposite idea: you are able to move more resources with the same amount of fleet that you would have now.
      Cons for miners: ?

      I don't think this would be a problem, there's only one reason I would be against it: if it pleases GF enough to stop looking for solutions about the deuterium consumption.
      I think one of the really big problems is deuterium consumption when fleets are huge, so if this gets implemented, this should not stop you, GameForge, from searching for another solution (just this reduction of deuterium needed for recyclers —in a sense— is not enough).

      In any case, is this enough? I mean, couldn't some sort of “exponential growth” be planned, at later stages of the universe, space is needed in immense numbers (around 35.000M for astrophysics 27, or a bigger number even when hitting a big fleet) of resources, so may be the “20% per step” is good for the first few levels, but after level 17 or around that, it could be a bigger step?
    • echonia wrote:

      1- fleeters would enjoy this feature a lot more than miners because recycler capacity would increase and they wouldnt have to spend more resources to build more recyclers and they wouldnt spend as much deut as they do now.

      2- miners already save some of their resources by building mines or save with research when they dont have much capacity on their fleets.

      long story short, fleeters would have more advantage over miners. this idea would work in favor of fleeters.
      I don't see where the problem is.

      @Topic: I like the idea, 20% every 2 levels seems good.
    • I like the idea. However, given the choice I'd rather see hyperspace tech upgrades go towards a reduction in fuel costs for ships that require hyper drive (Hyperspace tech makes your ships more economical/green)

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    • Sadly (:P) I have to agree with Minion.

      I think the advantages and disadvantaged weight up.
      Miners will have less Cargos, fleeters will need less Recyclers.

      Overall it seems (at least in ogame.de) that most people lack recyclers alot and many fleets seem to have trouble with capacity.

      I made a small table today, but I am a bit tired, so I will check the math tomorrow before posting it here.

      Did anyone already think about at which point its worth to build more recyclers vs research?
      Right now it seems to be either 15 or 17. Not adressing the fact that its cheaper to fly around with the newcargo.
      In my opinion this is a bit early. We should move it to 17. (With the values listed above: For level 15 you could build around 15k recyclers [2.5:1.5:1] and with the old value you need around 12k to transport the same amount of ressources. Thinking about the extra deut you save while flying and especially saving daily, it might be worth going for level 15 that early into the game, which is in my opinion a bit too early.)

      Also it means another research, which blocks the lab. We shouldn't forget the fact that most people already struggle to research enough. The time doubles. It's still not tooo much, but should be considered and is a balancing factor.

      I think this could take a big part out of the teamplay needed for ogame.

      I will try to figure out a proper break even analyses and think about it one or two days.
    • If it increases the total cargo space for those three ships then im for it.

      people will still build large cargo fleets and large recycler fleets.

      you have to think about the long term affects as the game growns in age so does the need for more cargos and recyclers to go with those accounts. even if they can hold more cargo you will still want to havea high number of each on hand .just for the fact you want to fs all your resources and not hide them in a building or a research because you dont want to forget and leave it going and lose out on those resources for your next project.
    • I also do like the idea but I would make the scaling less strong. Even the 7% scaling ckwalsh puts forward is a bit overpowered in my opinion.
      I mean, double the cargo space for 523M C and 261M D, that's a hudge improvement for not that much of an investement. I'm not counting the time you invest for this research though but all powerful researches are crazy long and this one is.
    • It's a really good idea.

      I speak with my team, and we like the idea especially for the recy because we are raider. And the consommation of the recycler with impu 17 it's very huge and it's worth with propu 15...

      For the miner, it's too a good idea, they need a lot of ships for their constructions.
    • Just a 10% increase would make ugly numbers. I thought of using 20% also because of the tripled Deut Consumption for Recs with hyper 15.

      Just an addition to this would be bringing a 40% increase with 21 and anotherone with 23, for the ones that really want it, so that you can get up to triple the normal amount.
      For record the costs of them:
      Crystal: 6.291.456.000
      Deut: 3.145.728.000
      Crystal: 25.165.824.000
      Deut: 12.582.912.000

      Origin Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief
    • Isn't 21 too late for such “extra”? May be level 19 would be good to force people to get there, but level 21 is not bearable. Think that this is not reducing a lot of consumption with recyclers: levels 20+21 only “reduce” deuterium consumption in recyclers by 25%. That means that to get some profit one should calculate if he's going to spend 24.000M of deuterium in recyclers alone to make worth the levels 20 + 21. Although it's possible that the numbers add up (for top 1-4 ranked fleeters) almost no fleeter would go there. And in case of miners... levels 20 + 21 means more resources spent than I've ever spent in seven years in large cargos in an x4 universe. So no.

      May be add the 40% increase to level 19?

      Also, why not make the increase higher in general for recyclers? Which is the “big” problem with deuterium consumption.
    • One can always fight over numbers and the degree of benefits for miners or fleeters.
      However the idea is nice. Another useless research gets meaning later in the game.
      And the stronger one gets the more cargo one needs.
      I suggest if one can't agree on miner/fleeter terms, to make a change in the recyclers.
      Making them increase less or more depending on the direction the debate goes.
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    • I think its a great idea.
      For miners and for attackers also.
      I understand for attackers battles against miners it will be less DF because of less cargos, but recyclers capacity will exceed it. After hyperdrive for recyclers they became fast, but very-very expensive, so to increase of capacity will be great
      Especially it will good for old universes with billion ships.