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API for mobile app


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  • vone -

    Posted the thread API for mobile app.

    Hello. I want to create cross platform mobile app for better experience on mobile. I will be using simple fetch API with JS. Can you give me access with CORS ? Or is there any other way to perform GET and POST methods to OGame ? Thank you for…
  • Guderian -

    Liked Guritchi’s post in the thread Usability API automatic copy.

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    I cannot believe you had to up this suggestion since January... whereas it is probably one of the best & simplest idea to implement
  • kfg -

    Replied to the thread [Possible BUG] Temperature has not effect in Deuterium Production.

    The temperature factor is rounded down as you have already deducted. This is a bug in v7. Therefore 36 ° - 59 °C planets behave like a 60 °C planet. Same is true for 10 °C - 34 °C planets, they are like 35 °C planets (Temp Factor = 1.3). Only every…
  • KingOfStars -

    Posted the thread [Possible BUG] Temperature has not effect in Deuterium Production.

    Hi everyone. I'm KingOfStars and I'm from Spain community. I apologize if there are some mistakes in my post. I'm playing in Origin and Bermuda. I have choosen Discoverer Class in Origin and Collerctor in Bermuda and some days ago, I noticed that in my…
  • Arzorth -

    Posted the thread [NOT A BUG] Pioneer server. Maximum number of expeditions..

    Maximum number of expeditions was being limited by maximum number of fleets (4), my apologies. (Hidden Content) Regards, Arzorth ;)
  • arlotechcare -

    Wrote a comment on arlotechcare’s wall.

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  • ScraTTrZ -

    Posted the thread BUG in Bermuda: My defence was not in battle.

    I am playing in Bermuda and was attacked by 20 small cargos on 5 different planets (20 cargos on each planet). Then I decided to build some light lasers to let the attacker fly in. => Before he arrived I had a few lasers finished on EVERY planet. On 2…
  • DeltaT -

    Liked piink’s post in the thread Forum changes.

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    From today on, it will not be possible to add posts into this forum. Please, use the OGame.ORG forum.
  • Grimm -

    Replied to the thread Jumpgate Recharge Time.

    Sorry for bringing up this again, but... What's the exact formula to use to calculate how much times is reduced per level of Jump Gate?