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Forraner Dydakt

Size comparison of all Ships and Defense Structures to each other


Features on the message page



Merge communities



Available Fields by The Undertaker



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  • Forraner Dydakt -

    Replied to the thread Sugestie.

    Statek expedycyjny : Przez wiele lat ludzie odkrywali nowe zakątki uniwersum nie jedno krotnie zdarzało się że wysłane expedycje były atakowane i nie powracały . Ale teraz kiedy mamy tak wielką wiedzę możemy dolecieć wszędzie. 1) koszty…
  • Forraner Dydakt -

    Posted the thread Sugestie.

  • stellar pegasus -

    Posted the thread Fleet, Defense and Combats Size comparison of all Ships and Defense Structures to each other.

    It would be super cool if there were a picture of some sort that shows the size of each ship and defense structure. Like knowing this would be really cool, for example seeing the plasma turret in the picture art looks like its reaallly massive, and i…
  • DeltaT -

    Liked piink’s post in the thread Game version 6.7.4.

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    Good morning, today at 11:00 we are updating the servers intot he game version 6.7.4. Changelog: [Bugfix] The system sends now a mail 5 days before deleting an inactive account. Regards, Your OGame Team
  • RiV- -

    Replied to the thread Features on the message page.

    Quote from Warsaalk: “A good portion of my users also don't use AGO and only UV, so why wouldn't we be allowed to change things on the messages page? My extension is mainly to give fleeters shortcuts for searching, simulating & attacking... So adding…
  • Kimigoshi -

    Replied to the thread Merge communities.

    The game can be in english. I can play with the pictures lol The board in english. But Ingame we can speak english, french, chinese etc
  • Undertaker -

    Replied to the thread Available Fields by The Undertaker.

    Hi, i did the changes for the include sentences, and fix a line for testing the problem with a planet with no fields free. Regards
  • ErikFyr -

    Liked Danimanza’s post in the thread Merge communities.

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    It is good suggestion, specially for those communities which shares same language (AR, MX) / (BR, PT) / (US, EN). This kind of merge was suggested but GF didn't decide to go on yet. Maybe in the future it will be possible. A global merge is more risky…
  • Drattak -

    Liked Kimigoshi’s post in the thread Merge communities.

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    Hello, It will be cool if we had just one community : Ogame.com All nationalities. More players by univers. More sharing experiences. I played on Ogame Retro. It was so fun. I playe on Izar.us We are just 15 actives players -_- "The legendary game in…