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Pinned An story/anecdote/quote every day



Convert bronze construction items to silver and gold


Panda Rosso

Nixian Raid Tracker



Rip changes


Suggest [D.F. Lock] function, attached Space Dock.



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  • JJMonti -

    Replied to the thread An story/anecdote/quote every day.

  • Panda Rosso -

    Replied to the thread General Convert bronze construction items to silver and gold.

    We need a multi-use. And a change that let them reduce in %. My suggest is. Bronze 2 hours Silver 5% of the actual countdown Gold 5% of the entire countdown. Everyone will be usefull in a different way.
  • Nixian -

    Replied to the thread Nixian Raid Tracker.

    @Asiman does this even work if someone hovers over the API icon prior to this code being called? I don't want this code to be called on messages being loaded - i want to give users control over their ability to parse messages Automatic parsing is bad…
  • stellar pegasus -

    Posted the thread General Convert bronze construction items to silver and gold.

    We need the ability to convert bronze kraken, Detroit, newtron items to silver or gold because this is so slow to use bronze later in the game.
  • Panda Rosso -

    Posted the thread Fleet, Defense and Combats Rip changes.

    Change Rip to let it go at x1 speed in every universe for the DM missions and reduce its storage at 1.000. The reason is that do mission to destroy moon in speed universes is really easy, and often the best option. On top of that, many player use this…