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  • The13 -

    Hey, i have bug and it seems that i cant contact you nor open new post in general universeview forum page nor in bugs thread. How can I write you?

  • Minion -

    Hey, I think I found two bugs in TrashSim, is there a way to contact you? I wrote you in April to no avail.

  • Amuxix -

    Hey, I've sent you a PM, not sure if you have reached the maximum conversations so I'm giving you an heads up :P

  • GamyGamer -

    I have a question IDK how to use forums, but how to PM to you?

    I can translate to Polish language

    • Warsaalk -

      Click the conversations button in the top right corner -> display all -> create conversation

  • visoki -

    I think Missile reports (IPR) in OGotcha CR Converter does not display correctly

  • Thor -


    I would like to TrashSim translated into Slovak
    my nik Thor
    mail tt.j.s.ml@gmail.com


  • venice -

    Warsaalk is already participating in too many conversations and cannot be added. :(:(:(