Portal test run successful

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    • Portal test run successful

      Dear players,

      Our public test servers have been connected to the new Portal for several weeks now, and thanks to your help we've been able to gather enough test data to make it an even greater platform!

      So until the Portal is ready to take on all of OGame's pilots, we'll go back to our old ways. We will disconnect from the portal on the 25th of August at around noon. You may be experiencing connection hiccups for an hour or two, but no worries, it won't happen much longer than that.

      Thank you all for participating and making this a lot easier for us,

      Your OGame team

      *small info

      Mail from the OGame account will be taken and also the password which you had before the portal was activated. Any changes you made on portal ( like mail or password) have no effect on your game account . You can also request a new password if needed.