Pinned Battles (CR) secton Rules

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  • Battles (CR) secton Rules

    CR Section Rules

    This section is for the free posting of legitimate combat reports and IPM attacks.

    In posting a Combat Report, you must include:

    - The ingame names of all attackers and defenders
    - The complete fleets of all attackers and defenders before and after the battle
    - The resources captured and the debris field generated even if all are 0

    In posting an IPM attack you must include:

    - The names of all attackers and defenders
    - An espionage report before any IPMs hit and one after all ipms have landed or the IPM report(s) if you are defender
    - The total number of IPMs fired, who fired them, and their cost
    - The total damage dealt to the defender

    No matter which type of report you are posting you must also include:

    - A title following the following format: Attacker1[Alliance], Attacker2[Alliance] vs. Defender1[Alliance], Defender2[Alliance]
    - Either battle techs for all participants or none at all
    - Either co-ords for all participants or none at all

    Failure to include any of the above may result in thread closure.

    - Multiple reports and linked reports are allowed and may be posted in shorthand (i.e. only the resources captured and DF generated) so long as there is at least one complete report posted in the thread as outlined by these rules.

    - It is HIGHLY recommended that you color your combat reports for ease of reading by all. No coloring other peoples CRs and reposting.

    - Fake combat reports and joke reports will not be tolerated. For instance, reports that have an attacker with an espionage probe only is spam.

    - Combat report must be compacted and not only copied and pasted from in game.