O-Table : Advanced spy report table

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    • Hello !

      OK, so it's good finally ? Nice :)

      I'm really sorry for my answer time. It will be better now, as I have finished my studies :)

      The next version will come in the next months, It will take some times to code as I want to make a really big release :)

      @Arzorth : I didn't forgot you, for the ES translation. It will be integrated, really sorry for the time too :( You did an amazing job and I don't forget that.
    • Hello Everyone,

      The next update is coming in a few minutes, so I have to make some explainations about this.

      So here are some instructions to do after the update :

      1. When the update is done, after the first launch, the script will use default options. To fix that, you'll have to go in the options and all your old options will automatically be migrated in the "general" profile. Once it's done you'll see all your options as before :)

      2. If you use abreviated numbers (Bn, M, K), Please do one of the following in your options :
      - Enter a "K" in thousand indicator field.
      - Switch language to another language and come back in english
      FYI, the thousand indicator field is located in the global options, after the first dashed line.
      If you don't enter a K, the script will forget the indicator, and if you use abreviated numbers, you'll see "500" instead of "500k". This is just a display issue, so don't worry about this, calculations should be the same :)

      I decided to fix this not automatically, because I didn't want to weigh down the script at every launch for a thing that has to be fixed only once. If you need some help about this, please request me :)

      So, here is the changelog :

      Changelog 1.0.0

      [Language] : Spanish translation (thanks Arzorth !)

      [Feature] : 3 new columns (Mét/h, Cry/h, Deut/h)
      [Feature] : Possibility to coloris coords in lines if it reaches a specified amount of solar systems/galaxy. You can specify the amount and the color for solar systems and galaxies serparately
      [Feature] : Double click to empty table (it's a feature you can check on options to avoid cleaning errors on the script).
      [Feature] : Profiles for options
      [Feature] : Quick Filter area
      [Feature] : Possibility to display both filtered and filtered lines on an unique table (with a white indicator for filtered lines)
      [Feature] : Possibility to display both not deleted and deleted lines on an unique table (with a red indicator for deleted lines)
      [Feature] : Possibility to choose which galaxies to display and which galaxies to hide
      [Feature] : Advanced filter (ex : only display lines where player is equal to ... / only display lines where coords is under...)

      So, for the main features, I'll explain how to use them :)

      How do you use quickfilter area ?

      Display Spoiler
      1- At first, collect and display the table, as always
      2- Once the table is displayed, click on the "+" button
      3- The following panel will be displayed :

      On this panel, all your options from the currently used profile are loaded. You can directly filter by using maximum age, minimum profits, max fleets/defs.
      ... And you'll find some feature that aren't findable elsewhere on the script, like :
      --> You can decide to display only some galaxies
      --> You can display both deleted and not deleted lines (deleted lines will appear with a red indicator)
      --> You can display both filtered and not filtered lines (filtered lines will appear with a white indicator)
      Please note that you can use both options at the same time :)

      From the panel, you can chose what profile to use.
      Please note that all options used on this area will be used temporarily, if you want to save them, click on the save button. Not all options are saved, only options which appears in the classic options part are saved. (Galaxies displayed are not saved as example).

      To finish with quick filter area, I'll explain the last line, which correponds to the advanced filter feature. This is where you can make requests to display all you want on the table :)

      As you can do everything you want, I'll show you some examples :

      Here, you have the whole table (no filters are applied) :

      Just imagine that I want to display only lines which contains some fleets, then I'll use the following request :

      And yes, you get the lines :)

      Another example, I want to display only lines with a trip time inferior to 20 minutes :

      And one last example, I want to display only lines from player "Farm4" :

      To conclude with that, you can do anything, but be careful, you must respect the exact format, elsewise your request will not work, and the script will give 0 result ;) .
      On the right on advanced filter line, you have a "?" button, if you need some help about what format to respect, just click on it and the script will show you some examples :)
      Please note that in the next update, I'll add a "Like" comparator, so with that, you'll be able to request something like "Show me lines with coord which contains "9:400", or player who has "lol" in their nicknames.

      For the profiles feature :

      Display Spoiler
      With the new profiles feature, you can save multiples profiles options on the script.
      Just imagine that you want to raid active people, but you created a profile which hide lines containings defense, or fleet. This is a problem because you'll hide useful and profitables lines. Sad. This profile is only useful against inactive people.
      To solve that, you just have to create another profile, which doesn't hide these line, and bonus, you can hide lines wich aren't profitable (like hiding line which has less than 10m profits, DF included).

      This is in the options part that you can configure profiles. The default configuration only has one, the "General" profile.

      Create a new profile is simple :
      1- Go to your options
      You'll find the profile options, at the top :

      2- Click on "Create a new profile"
      The script will check the new profile for you, and it will be using default options. Please note that if you changed some options without saving on your first profile, these options will not be saved. Please do only one thing at a time :)

      Here, you are free to change name and change all options as you want. All options are independant from each profiles. So if you want a fully red script and a fully green one, you can haha.
      Please note : you can only create one profile at each page refresh, this is to avoid some issues that I wasn't able to fix.

      And.. don't forget to save once you've finished :)

      If you need to delete a profile, you just need to click on the profile and click "Delete profile".

      To finish, the script uses the profile checked as default profile, so, if you need to change, just click on another one and click "save". You can change to another profile by using the quick filter area too ("+" Button"). You just have to change your profile in the dropdown :

      ... and you are limited to 10 profiles max.

      That's all !

      You might notice that I'm far away to release all what I wanted, that's sad but I lack a lot of time, so I didn't want to take one another year before releasing something (Really sorry @Arzorth for taking so much time to release your translation :( ), IRL takes too much time (studies, and now full time job...).
      About ES translation, I needed to use DeepL translator to translate a few parts (the new features part).

      I hope everyone will enjoy this as I enjoy using it, and if you have some questions, feel free to ask ! Let's hope it won't be buggy, as my beta testers were unable to use the script, as their universes merged and inactives are still in vacation mode :P From my usage, it seems to work fine !

      Sorry for the long text, I hope it's understandable haha

      Edit :

      Just a small update and changelog, as circular universes weren't taken in consideration when colorizing coordinates :

      Changelog 1.0.1 :

      [Bug] Circular universes weren't taken in consideration when using the color coord feature + new text for this part

      Changelog 1.0.2

      [Bug] : Impossible to sort columns met/h, cry/h, deut/h and impossible to use them in Advanced filter feature

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    • Hello!

      This is a really nice script :)

      I just wondered if it is possible to add a new column, just like SC and LC attacks, for espionage probe attacks (would be useful only in unis where they can carry resources, of course :P )

      I believe it would be extremely helpful to raid inactives ^^

      Thanks for the great work!

      Edit: And perhaps one option to set a default velocity different than 100% for all attacks we send (also useful for probe attacks due to deut costs ^^ )

      Former BA @ OGame PT
      Former BA @ OGame BR

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    • Hey !

      After more than 6 weeks of work and 2200 lines of code added, here is the first version of the new profit management feature for O-Table!

      To help you a little bit with this update, I just wrote this Q/A list, I hope you'll find what you need :)

      Display Spoiler

      So, what the purpose here ?

      This new module can collect and count profits per day, per week, per coord, or just make a summary. Everything in 3 categories : Profits on active players, inactive players, and a sum.
      Some others feature will come in the futures updates, but my current goal was to make something that works, not too buggy before my holiday trip :D

      The module works only with informations seen on the page (no API call or page call, to avoid lags).

      For now, current design is a bit ugly but this will improve over time, it's understandable and that's already good enough :D

      How can I access to this CR module ?

      Easy, just go in your messages, combat report tab, buttons are in the top of your messages.

      How does it work ?

      Simple, as O-Table for spy reports. At first, you collect your CRs, and the script store them do display statistics in differents tables.

      How do I chose which tables to display ?

      Just let your cursor on the "Display Datas" Button, a tooltip will pop up. You can click on every tables to chose what to display :)

      I don't want to use O-Table CR feature, but I don't want to disable the script. Is it possible ?

      Yes, when you are in the message page, on the left menu of ogame, you have a new O-Table icon just at the bottom. Just let your cursor on this button, and a tooltip will show up. You are here free to click to enable/disable both O-Table modules (CR managment and SR management).

      HELP ME, my CR aren't counted as inactives !

      So, you just need to know one thing about inactives player management : to make it work, you need to collect AT FIRST the SR corresponding to this coord. So, you need to attack your targets with O-Table SR (or at least, collect spy reports on the script). Why this ? Because there is no way to know if a target is active or inactive in a CR. sadly, this information is only in spy reports.
      The first time you'll collect CR, your CR that are older than the new O-Table version will not be counted as inactive if you don't take care to re-collect SR before collecting them.

      So ! My advice here is to start collecting only CR that are younger than the script, and only when you already collected before the corresponding SR in the new version.

      A CR is not counted or badly counted, what are my choices ?

      Sometimes, some CR are not collected correctly. This is because some datas on the CR are stored on tooltip, and these datas vanish from source code when you put your mouse on these.
      You can do one thing : start by displaying CR list table, and on it, you'll see some CR that have red borders. These are badly collected CRs. You can click on the pen just at the right of the message, and here you are free to edit datas :)
      Elsewise, you are free to delete a CR from the list and re-collect it (just be careful to refresh message page before).
      Please notice that a wrong CR isn't counted in your others tables, so don't worry about it :)

      To avoid this bug, there is a feature on the script that removes tooltip classes from the page. Most of the time, this protects you for this problem, but sometimes not.

      How debris fields are managed on the script ?
      As you can see, there is no feature to collect DF messages.
      Here is what the script do about debris field :
      The one between attacker and defender who are the most profitable in the CR get the DF. This is true in 90% of case, because the CR goal is to be profitable.
      Just an exemple : in an interception, the most profitable player should be the defender, because the goal to intercept was to make profits, so the defender gets the DF. In a classic raid, the attacker is the most profitable so he gets the DF.
      If you don't agree with de DF, you are free to edit it in the CR list table, by using the pen!
      Please notice that the value of DF you see in every table corresponds to the value YOU collected.

      Here, just some others things you need to know :
      - In the options, you are free to display profits on inactive, active, or a summary. Default is only summary is displayed.
      - To erase all datas, you must click on the red button in the options.
      - Be careful with attacks launched from others PCs, just remember that the script creates his inactive database from SR you collected on this PC, so don't forget to re-collect SR before :) By default, a target is considered as active.
      - To avoid overloads, CRs from the CR table are deleted after one week of age, This doesn't affect your stats, but after that, you can't modify them anymore.
      - Be careful when deleted your browser history, this might delete your datas.

      Thanks if you have read everything, here you are now ready to use the new tool :) I hope you'll enjoy !

      PS : I'm not a raider, and I don't know one who would test for me, so currently, the script is maybe more useful for inactive targets, but I hope this will be improved in the future. I'll take consideration of every feedback!

      Current todo list :
      - Import/Export feature to save stats
      - Options to chose which columns to display
      - Options to colorize profits based on value
      - Sort by the column you want

      I'll be in holidays for the next weeks, so I'll take maybe some time to answer, sorry for that!

      For information, this new feature can be found between lines 3500 and lines 5850 of the script.

      Changelog 2.0.0 :
      - New CR management feature which allow to see how many profits we do on inactives/actives people, profits per day, week, per coord, or total profits
      - From SR table, you can now open galaxy in a new tab
      - New button at the left of the page to disable SR or CR management