O-Table : Advanced spy report table

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    • Amazing script, that's what I was looking for.

      If you allow me one suggestion, I would improve the design of the table (something closer than AGO table) but in functionality its perfect, if I find any trouble/bug, i will report it. =)


      Arzorth ;)

      Edit: may you add the option "Sort by: Profits/Hour"? Thanks!
      Edit2: when you spy a planet twice, script should replace oldest report with the new one in the internal list. Or at least, there should be an option to choose if you want to allow the script to do it.
      Edit3: in options, there is a typo in the English version: "Automatically delete the line when attack button is licked". It should say clicked.
      Edit4: are you planning to translate it into Spanish? If so, I can do the work, I did part of the translations of AGO into Spanish.
      Edit5: when you click in the attack button it shows the target like attacked, but if finally you don't have empty slots to send the attack (or you just cancel the attack) it remains as attacked and it's susceptible to be deleted with "Delete all attacked targets". There should be an option to untick the "Attacked" flag or even better, script should be able to read Fleet Movements page to refresh that information (as AGO does if I'm right).
      Edit6: it would be nice to take into account the consumed deuterium for the profits, that way closer targets would have even more weight.

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