Pinned Trade Rules

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  • Trade Rules

    1.- Topic must be descriptive.

    Detailed explanation
    Every thread must have a clarify subject, following a similar structure like this: Buy/Sell Resource, for example: Buy Deuterium.

    It is also possible to buy moonshots, if you need this kind of trade, be specific in your subject.

    2.- Spam and flood are forbidden in this section

    'Detailed explanation

    Only answer to any topic when you are really interested to make that trade.

    Double post to 'up' your thread is only allowed after 2 days.

    Don't use other threads to publish your thread or your offer if it has no relation with the topic of the player who started the thread. So, we will get one thread per type of trade and it will be easier to find your preferable trade.

    3.- Player should inform in his thread when trade finished.
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    You can post again (even if this mean a doublepost) and say that you finished your trade or you can edit the subject and add "FINISHED TRADE". This way, we will avoid a lot of threads from players who already finished their trade and it will be easier to find a real trade.

    4.- Only allowed to publish trades following legal rates
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    Maximum 3:2:1 and Minimum 2:1:1

    5.- Trade on your own risk

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    Please remember! This section is provided for your convenience only. All trades are done at your own risk.

    The staff do not support trades that are arranged on the boards. We recommend that all traders ensure that the lowest-ranked trader delivers their resources first; thereby allowing a degree of protection from the pushing rules.