An story/anecdote/quote every day

    • AUDITOR: He is the one who arrives after the battle and kicks the wounded.

      BANKER: It's a man who lends you his umbrella when there's a bright sun and claims it when it starts to rain.

      COUNTER: He who knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

      CONSULTANT: Is someone who takes the watch out of your wrist, tells you the time and charges you for it.

      DIPLOMATIC: He is the one who tells you to go to shit in a way that you feel anxious to start the trip.

      ECONOMIST: He is an expert who will know tomorrow because what he predicted yesterday did not happen today.

      STATISTIC: Is someone who is good with numbers but lacks enough personality to be an engineer.

      QUANTUM PHYSICIST: He is a blind man in a dark room, looking for a black cat that is not there.

      PSYCHOLOGIST: He is the one who looks at all the others when an attractive woman enters the room.

      PROGRAMMER: It is the one that solves a problem that you did not know you had in a way that you do not understand.

      FRIEND: It is said of the person of the opposite sex who has that "I do not know what", which eliminates any intention of wanting to sleep with him.

      LOVE: Word of four letters, two vowels, two consonants and two idiots.

      ARCHITECT: It's said of a man who was not male enough to be an engineer; Not enough fag to be a designer.

      DANCING: It is the vertical frustration of a horizontal desire.

      TRUST: Free way that is given to a person to commit a series of nonsense.

      EASY: It is said of the woman who has the sexual morality of a man.

      FOOTBALL: That's what every woman marries without knowing it.

      INDIFFERENCE: Attitude that a woman adopts towards a man that does not interest her, that is interpreted by the man as "the difficult one is doing".

      INFLATION: It is having to live paying the prices next year with the salary of last year.

      MODESTY: Recognize that one is perfect, but without telling anyone.

      ANNOYING: Person who talks when you would like him to listen.

      NYMPHOMANIAC: Word which a man defines a woman, who wants to have sex more often than he does.

      TEAM WORK: Possibility of blaming others.

      CHIEF: Word which a man appears to work presenting the work of others.

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...
      You have no power over me.

      The most twisted question that has been put in an exam. And it is relevant.

      Dylan Selterman offered her Social Psychology students the opportunity to earn extra points for answering this question.

      Some teachers have the habit of putting extra questions in the exams for those students who want to raise their grade. They are usually more difficult issues than usual, but a professor at the University of Maryland, in the United States, has taken the matter to a higher level.

      Dylan Selterman, who is the teacher's name, offered his Social Psychology students the opportunity to earn extra points, choosing between two options. This was the "question":

      "Select if you want to add 2 or 6 points to the final grade of your exam. But there is one small drawback: if more than 10% of the students select 6 points, then nobody gets any points".

      The professor explained that every year he tries to present his students with a real problem that is known as the "tragedy of the commons", that is, a situation in which several individuals, motivated only by personal interest and acting independently but rationally, they end up destroying a limited shared resource (the common one) although none of them, either as individuals or as a whole, agree that such destruction will happen.

      If all the students had chosen to raise their grade two points now they would all have a better score. But it was not like that. "I have been doing this exercise every semester since the first time I taught at the university, in 2008," the professor told. "Only once did the students stay below the threshold of the selfish option (and I think it was a matter of chance)".

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...
      You have no power over me.