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    • The theory is when you know everything and nothing works.
      Practice is when everything works and you do not know why.
      In our lab the theory and practice merge: nothing works and we do not know why.

      The theory is when you think you know how a woman is made, but in reality nothing works with her.
      Practice is when everything seems to work with you, but you do not know why.
      The reality is that with a woman it will never work and you will never know why.

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      La teoria è quando sapete tutto e niente funziona.
      La pratica è quando tutto funziona e non sapete il perchè.
      Nel nostro laboratorio la teoria e la pratica si fondono: non funziona niente e non sappiamo perchè.

      La teoria è quando pensate di conoscere come è fatta una donna, ma in realtà nulla funziona con lei.
      La pratica è quando tutto sembra funzionare con lei, ma non sapete perché.
      La realtà è che con una donna non funzionerà mai nulla e non saprete MAI perché.
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      Bravo by DeltaT !. I was very alone in this thread.

      As I know that she (I suppose female) likes the nerds (heheheee) ... double post:

      The economic director of a university meets with the rectors of the faculties of Biology, Mathematics and Philosophy and gives a scribble to the biologists: "You spend a lot of money in the laboratory, and this expense is unacceptable”.

      "Why do not you do as the mathematicians, who only need pencil, paper and a wastebasket, or, better yet, like philosophers, who only need pencil and paper? ".


      A philosopher, a biologist, a physicist and a mathematician are having a beer in a bar. Come two girls to enter the bathroom, and a moment later three girls come out.

      Dumbfounded, the philosopher says: "This thing that we have seen has not been able to occur. Of Being No, Being can not arise, for the Non Being is not, and Being is."

      The biologist looks at him and says: "Do not give me metaphysical bullshit. It's clear that some kind of reproduction has occurred inside the bathroom."

      The physicist asserts then: "It is evident that the third girl is a virtual girl, product of a quantum fluctuation of the void. Do not worry, it will not last long.

      After a long silence the mathematician says: "The truth is I do not understand the argument. We just have to wait for another girl to go to the bathroom. Then it will be empty."

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...
      You have no power over me.
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      Everyone knows the enigma of the guardians of the doors that one tells the truth and another lies.

      Well, here we have a variant but complicating it a bit: there is one more door and the guardian kills whoever asks twisted questions (hahahaaaaa) ...

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...
      You have no power over me.
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      A woman wakes up during the night and discovers that her husband is not in bed. She goes downstairs in search of her husband, finds him sitting in the kitchen, with a cup of coffee in his hand.

      He seems absorbed in his thoughts, as he gazes at the wall. She watches a tear drop from one eye as he sips her coffee.

      "What's the matter, dear?" He whispers as he enters the kitchen, "Why are you here at this time of night?"

      The husband puts the cup of coffee on the table, looks at her and asks in a solemn tone:

      - Do you remember 20 years ago, when we got engaged, that you were only 16?.

      - I remember it as if it were now.

      The husband pauses. Words do not come easily.

      "Remember when your father caught us making love in the backseat of my car?".

      "Yes, I remember," says the wife, falling into a chair beside her.

      The husband continues:

      - Remember when your father pointed me in the face with the shotgun and said: "just marry my daughter, or I sent you to jail for 20 years"?.

      "I remember that, too" she replied in a soft voice.

      The husband wipes the tears from his cheek and says:

      - Today I would have been free ... !!!.

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...
      You have no power over me.