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      A man is going to take a shower the moment his wife is finishing doing it.

      At that moment the doorbell rings. After a few seconds of doubt, both decide that she will go, so she wraps herself in a towel, goes, opens the door and meets the next door neighbor.

      Before she utters a word, the neighbor says to her:

      - I give you € 1,000 if you drop the towel on the floor.

      She thinks for a few seconds, decides, drops the towel and stays naked in front of the neighbor that, after a few seconds, reaches into his pocket, takes out € 1,000, delivers it, turns around and leaves.

      Still confused, she quickly closes the door, wraps herself again in the towel and returns to the bathroom to dry her hair.

      When she arrives, her husband asks who had hit the doorbell.

      "The neighbor next door," she says.

      And the husband asks:

      - Did you return the € 1,000 I lent?


      If you share critical information with your partners, especially about credit and risk, you will avoid undesirable situations.

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...

      You have no power over me.


      A prisoner, sentenced to life imprisonment for premeditated and treacherous murder, escapes from prison after being in jail for 22 years.

      When flee enters a house in which a young couple sleeps. The prisoner ties the man in a chair and the woman in bed. He then closes his face to the woman's neck and leaves the room.

      Dragging the chair, the man desperately approaches his wife and says:

      - My love, this man has not seen a woman in years. I saw him kissing your neck and, taking advantage of his departure, I want to ask you to cooperate with him and do whatever he asks. If you want to have sex with you do not reject it and pretend that you like it. Do not make him angry.

      Our lives depend on it!. Be strong, my life; I love you.

      The young wife tells her husband:

      - Dear, I am pleased that you think so. Indeed, that man has not seen a woman in many years, but he was not kissing my neck. He was telling me in the ear that you like him and he wanted to know if we kept the Vaseline in the bathroom.

      Be strong, my life !. I love you too!!!.


      Failure to be truthful can lead to serious inconvenience. The prompt and accurate information is essential to successfully circumvent the attack of unfair competition and thus avoid unpleasant surprises.

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...

      You have no power over me.


      The guy, to pass the time, proposes a game to the woman.

      She, tired, replies that she does not care and puts herself to sleep. The guy does not give up and proposes the following:

      I ask you a question and if you do not know how to respond, you give me 5 euros, then you ask me a question and if I do not know how to answer it, I'll give you 500 euros. "

      Finally the woman gives in and decides to submit to the first question.

      Man: What is the distance between the Earth and the Moon ?.

      The woman, undeterred, grabs her wallet, takes out 5 euros, and gives them to the guy.

      The guy, satisfied, grabs the 5 euros and waits for the woman to ask.

      Woman: What is it that has 3 legs when climbing a mountain and 4 when it descends ?.

      Then she turns and falls asleep. The guy does not stop thinking, consult his portable encyclopedia, phone a friend ...

      No answer ... nothing ... no solution. After many hours of intense reflections, he awakens the woman and gives her 500 euros.

      The woman, half asleep, takes the 500 euros and turns again to try to continue sleeping.

      The guy, a little frustrated: Well, and the answer, what is it?

      The woman, without turning, tends a ticket of 5 euros.

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...

      You have no power over me.

      De perdidos al río (From lost to the river): It is said when an action has already begun and we must try to finish it despite its danger and accepting all the consequences.

      Te quiero un huevo (I love you an egg): I love you a lot.

      Por si las moscas (For if the flies): Just in case, for prudence.

      Hoy no tengo el chichi para farolillos (Today, don´t have the pussy for litte lanterns): Do not annoy me that I'm not for bullshit.

      Vete a freír espárragos (Go to fry aspargus): To throw a person from a place or to remove it from the deal with snub, tired of their inconclusions, comments or impertinence.

      Cantamañanas (Morning-singer): Informal, irresponsible and unworthy person.

      Se te ha ido la olla (Your pan has gone): Someone who is behaving like crazy.

      Aguafiestas (Waterparties): Person who spoils or interrupts a fun or a moment of joy.

      La he liado parda (I have messed brown): I got into a big problem, I caused a little disaster.

      Bocachancla (Slipper mouth): Person who makes comments at the wrong time, that have negative consequences for the group in which it is included or for another person.

      Qué calor, miarma (What a heat, my weapon): It's too hot.

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...

      You have no power over me.
    • An older man is on the operating table waiting for the surgeon. He insists that it be his son-in-law, who is a renowned surgeon, operates him. Before being seduced, he asks to speak for a minute with his son-in-law and says:

      - Do not get nervous, do the best you know and if unfortunately something went wrong and I'm dying ... remember that your mother-in-law would live with you.

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...

      You have no power over me.
    • I am from Spain, southern Europe, and as everyone knows I spend my money, all my money, the one I have and the one I do not have, in alcohol and women.

      Can you help me? ... Or perhaps I have to ask Dutch Jeroen Dijsselbloem, President of the Eurogroup?.

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...

      You have no power over me.