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      From Wikipedia:

      "... The term "bug" was used in an account by computer pioneer Grace Hopper, who publicized the cause of a malfunction in an early electromechanical computer.[8] A typical version of the story is:

      In 1946, when Hopper was released from active duty, she joined the Harvard Faculty at the Computation Laboratory where she continued her work on the Mark II and Mark III. Operators traced an error in the Mark II to a moth trapped in a relay, coining the term bug. This bug was carefully removed and taped to the log book. Stemming from the first bug, today we call errors or glitches in a program a bug.[9]

      Hopper did not find the bug, as she readily acknowledged. The date in the log book was September 9, 1947.[10][11][12] The operators who found it, including William "Bill" Burke, later of the Naval Weapons Laboratory, Dahlgren, Virginia,[13] were familiar with the engineering term and amusedly kept the insect with the notation "First actual case of bug being found." Hopper loved to recount the story.[14] This log book, complete with attached moth, is part of the collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.[11]
      The related term "debug" also appears to predate its usage in computing: the Oxford English Dictionary's etymology of the word contains an attestation from 1945, in the context of aircraft engines ..."

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    • Trolling at N...M...A... (friendly, heheheee).


      From Wikipedia ...

      " ... A common urban legend states that, faced with the fact that ball-point pens would not write in zero-gravity, NASA spent a large amount of money to develop a pen that would write in the conditions experienced during spaceflight (the result purportedly being the Fisher Space Pen), while the Soviet Union took the simpler and cheaper route of just using pencils. The Fisher Space Pen was actually developed independently and privately in the 1960s, NASA later purchasing 400 of the pens at $6 each.[1] The Soviets followed as well ..."

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      1.- It is important to find a man that shares responsibility and homework with you and have a good job.

      2.- It is important to find a cheerful man, that enjoys dancing, walks and makes you laugh.

      3.- It is important to find a tender man, that can be affectively dependent without being subordinated to it and, moreover, not lying.

      4.- It is important to find a man that is a good lover and that loves having sex with you.

      5.- It is VERY, but VERY IMPORTANT, that these 4 men do not know each other.

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      In Paradise, one day Eve called God:

      - I have a problem.

      - What is the problem Eva?

      - I know that you have created me, that you have given me this beautiful garden, wonderful animals and the snake with which I am dying with laughter, but I am not entirely happy ...

      - How is that Eva ?.

      - I'm alone and I'm sick of eating apples.

      - Eva, in that case I have a solution, I will create a man for you.

      - What is a man ?.

      - The man will be an imperfect creature, with many tricks, will cheat, be cocky ... he will be going to give you problems ... But he will be stronger and faster than you, and he will like to hunt and kill things. He will look simple, but since you're complaining, I'll create he in a way that fits your needs. Neither will he be very clever and stand out in infantile things, such as sticking and kicking a ball. You will need your advice to act boldly.

      "It sounds good," Eva said, raising her eyebrow ironically.

      - What's the trick?.

      - You will have a condition. As he will be arrogant and narcissistic, you must make him believe that I did he first.

      - Remember, it will be our secret, from woman to woman.

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      Long time ago I was a good person, happy and without getting into any problem.

      For some years I traveled to the Scandinavian countries (I've been to Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway), and somewhere I got infected with the troll´s virus.

      Since then, I like trolling, I can not avoid it, I carry it in my blood.

      The contagion test ...

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    • DID YOU LIKE?.

      - Did you like?
      - Yes.
      - A lot or a little?
      - A lot.
      - A LOT or a lot?
      - Much much.
      - Yes?
      - Very much
      - Sure?
      - Yes, sure
      - What did you like the most?
      - And ... all
      - Like "everything"?
      - What not there something you liked more?
      - And ... no, I liked everything
      - If you say that you liked everything, it's because you did not like anything
      - No, because I would say "I did not like anything"
      - You do not say it but you think
      - No, I swear not
      - Do not swear when you're lying
      - I'm not lying!
      - If you did not lie, you would not swear
      - Well, I do not swear: I'm not lying
      - And now why do not you swear?
      - So you do not think I'm lying
      - Why? When you swear it's a lie?
      - Do not
      - Liar!
      - I am telling you no
      - Yes liar, because you did not like everything
      - Let's see, tell me something you did not like
      - What do I ... everything, I generally liked everything
      - And in particular?
      - In general you say that you liked "everything" and in particular that you did not like?
      - Do not be mean, tell me
      - Wow! I do not know what I did not like! .. When you caressed me at first, I did not like it
      - Why?
      - Was it wrong?
      - No, it was fine, but I did not feel like caressing you
      - And why did not you tell me?
      - And, because it did not matter ... it was cute too
      - Was it nice and you did not like it?
      - I did not say "I did not like it", I said (in another tone) "I did not like it"
      - And if you say that you did not like that tone it means that you liked it?
      - No, it means that I did not like it but a little and it did not matter
      - (Face of tragedy) Oh my God! I did it wrong and you did not like it
      - But that's i
      - But I wanted it to be perfect
      - It was perfect
      - But something did not like you a little bit
      - But "a little", not "a lot"
      - A little bit?
      - Yeah, a little bit?
      - A little bit?- (smiling) If a very little
      - (Finite voice) A very very little?
      - Yes, a little bit, almost nothing
      - Almost nothing?
      - Practically nothing
      - Nothing at all?
      - Yes, nothing at all, an insignificance
      - And then why did you tell me that something did not please you, eh?!
      - I do not like the people who walk around so many times.
      - Bye!.

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    • Today I'm going to get into a marshland ...

      Bad luck the Americans have had, for a politician, only one politician, that faithfully fulfills what he has promised in the election campaign, he had to be just ... Donald Trump.

      Really bad luck!, hahahahaaa.

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    • Bravo by Valent!, that has what it takes to have to post on this thread.


      I played chess since I was 10 years old.

      ANECDOTE OF THE CHESS (that can be applied to Ogame, in my case).

      This curious conversation occurred in a match between the Soviet Isaak Boleslavsky and the Argentine Miguel Najdorf:

      Najdorf: Do you give the game in tables?
      Boleslavsky: No!
      Najdorf, something thoughtful: Do you play to win?
      Boleslavsky: No!
      Najdorf: Do you play to lose?
      Boleslavsky: No!
      Najdorf: Well, what do you want then?
      Boleslavsky: Play !!!.


      Gary Kasparov: "Chess is the most violent game that there is"

      Bobby Fischer: Chess is a battle on a board, the objetive is to crush the mind of your opponent.

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    • The Indians of a remote reserve asked their young and new Chief:

      Will the next winter be cold or peaceful?.

      Since the chief had been educated in a modern society, he did not know the old Indian tricks. So, when he looked up at the sky, he could not guess what was going to happen with time.

      However, in order not to appear hesitant, he replied: The winter will be truly cold, and the tribe's members were to gather firewood to be ready.

      However, as he was also a practical leader, within a few days he had the idea of phoning the National Weather Service: "Will the next winter be very cold?" - he asks.

      "Yes, it looks like the next winter will be pretty cold" the meteorologist on duty said.

      So the chief returned with his people and said to them: You must gather even more wood, to be even more prepared.

      A week later, the chief called the Meteorological Service again and asked:- Will it be a very cold winter ?.

      "Yes" said the meteorologist, "it's going to be a cold winter."

      Honestly worried about his people, the chief returned to the camp, ordered his brothers to collect all the wood possible, the winter would be truly raw.

      Two weeks later, the chief again called the National Weather Service: - Are you absolutely sure that next winter will be very cold ?.

      "Absolutely, no doubt," said the meteorologist, "it's going to be one of the coldest winters you've ever known."

      "And how can you be so sure?".

      Well, because the Indians are collecting firewood like crazy.

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