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    • In a universe of, where I play, there is a thread entitled "RING", where players can flaming (good flaming), trolling (good trolling) and provoke between them.

      I use it a lot and here are some of my provocations to other players ...

      (I am David95)

      (Up !, I wait impatiently, the keys are in the pot).

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...

      You have no power over me.

      Three Linux engineers and three Microsoft employees were preparing to travel by train to attend a conference. At the station, the three Microsoft employees bought their respective tickets and watched as the Linux engineers only bought a ticket.

      - "How are three people going to travel with just one ticket?", one of the Microsoft employees asked.

      - Look and see!", answered one of the Linux engineers.

      They all got on the train ... Microsoft employees took their seats and watched as the Linux engineers got into the toilet, closing the door.

      Shortly after starting the train, the reviewer arrived asking for the tickets, knocked on the door of the toilet and said: "ticket please" ... The door opened enough for one arm to come out with the ticket in his hand , the reviewer stung him and left ...

      Seeing this Microsoft employees, agreed that it was a great idea, and therefore, not to be left out of play, copy the trick to the return of the congress, in order to save a little money and show the boss how smart they had been.

      On the way back, at the station, Microsoft employees took out a single ticket, being stunned to see that the Linux engineers did not get any ...

      - "How are you going to travel without tickets ???", says one of the Microsoft employees.

      - "Look and see!", answered one of the Linux users.

      Upon boarding the train, the three Microsoft employees got into a toilet and the three Linux engineers in another ... I start the train, and quickly one of the Linux users came out of his toilet, went to the toilet of Microsoft employees , knocked on the door and said:

      -"Ticket, please" ...

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...

      You have no power over me.

      Behind the counter the man looked absentmindedly at the street while a little girl approached the place.

      She crushed her little nose against the glass of the spectacular dresser and suddenly her honey-colored eyes shone when she saw a certain object.

      She decidedly entered the premises and asked to see a beautiful blue necklace that had caught his attention and told the seller:

      "Is for my sister. Could you make me a nice package?".

      The owner of the place, who was on one side, looked at the girl with some distrust and calmly asked:

      "How much money do you have, little one?"

      Without getting upset for a moment, the girl took out of her pocket a small bundle of knots, which she delicately unfolded one by one. When he finished, he proudly placed the handkerchief on the counter and with unusual poise, said:

      "... This is enough, right?".

      There were only a few coins in the handkerchief ...

      Looking at the owner with a tender look that expressed a mixture of illusion and sadness, he said:

      "You know, since our mother died, my sister has cared for me with a lot of love and the poor woman never has time for her ...".

      "Today is her birthday and I'm sure she'll be happy with this necklace, because it's just the color of her eyes ...".

      The employee looked at the owner without knowing what to do or say, but he only smiled at the girl, and went to the back room, and personally wrapped in a spectacular silver paper and made a beautiful bun with a blue ribbon.

      Before the stupor of the employee, the owner placed the beautiful package in one of the exclusive jewelry bags and gave it to the little girl saying:

      "Here, take it carefully."

      She left happily jumping down the street.

      The day was not over yet when a lovely young woman with blond hair and wonderful blue eyes entered the business.

      He placed the unwrapped package on the counter and asked:

      "This necklace was bought here?".

      The employee politely asked him to wait a moment and went to call the owner, who immediately returned, and with the most respectful smile said:

      Yes, ma'am, this necklace is one of the special pieces of our exclusive collection and indeed, it was bought here this morning".

      "How much did it cost?"

      "I'm sorry I can not give you that information, ma'am. It is our policy that the price of any item is always a confidential matter between the company and the customer ".

      "... But my sister only had some coins that she has put together making rag dolls with old clothes, because my salary is too modest and we barely have enough to survive. This necklace is certainly not fancy, and she simply would not have enough money to pay for it ...!.

      The man took the case, he remade the wrapping almost ceremoniously, and with great affection he placed the tape again saying while he was returning it to the young woman:

      "She paid the highest price anyone can pay:

      She gave everything she had".

      Silence filled the room and tears rolled down the young woman's face, while her hands took the packet and sat there slowly, hugging him tight against his chest.

      If one day you have to choose between the world and love, remember:

      If you choose the world you will be without love, but if you choose love, with him you will conquer the world " (Albert Einstein).

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...

      You have no power over me.
    • A man finally decided to take a vacation.

      He made a reservation for a Caribbean cruise and set out to pass the best time of his life ... for the moment.

      Unexpectedly, a typhoon was formed that shipwrecked the ship in few minutes. When the man returned to himself, he found himself on a beach without anyone around him, or food or anything that was not bananas, coconuts. Accustomed to life in computer centers, this man does no idea what to do.

      He spent the next four months hating bananas, drinking coconut, anoying his past life and fixing his gaze on the horizon in looking for a boat that would come to rescue him.

      One day he was lying on the sand when he perceived something moving from the corner of his eye. It was a rowing boat and in it was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen never. She came paddling to him and asked in amazement:

      - "Where did you come from? How did you get here?"

      - "I'm paddling from the other side of the island, I came to stop here when my ship sank", she replied.

      - "Amazing," he said. "I did not know there would have been more survivors.

      - "How many are you? You have been very lucky that the sea has thrown your beach is this rowboat"

      - "I am alone," said the woman. "And the sea did not take this boat to the beach, or nothing at all"

      He was confused and asked:

      - "So, how did you get the boat?"

      - "It's easy", replied the woman. "I made the boat of materials that I've been finding the island. The oars are made with trunks of rubber trees, the background I wove with palm branches, and the sides and the stern are made of eucalyptus wood"

      - "But ... but that's impossible" the man stammered. "You do not have tools, how could you do it? "

      - "Ah! There has not been any problem in that" the woman replied. "To the south of the island there are some unusual strata of alluvial rock. I realized that if I heated it in the oven to a certain temperature, I could get a kind of fairly ductile iron. I used it to make some tools and, with them, the rest of the material that I needed. But enough of talking about these things. "Where do you live?".

      Quite embarrassed, the man replied that he had been sleeping in the beach all the time.

      - "Good," she said. "Come with me to the boat and go where I live."

      After a few minutes paddling, she robbed the boat in a small pier. The man looked at the place where they had arrived.

      In front of him, a stone path leading to a small one opened bungalow painted blue and white. While the woman tied the boat with a rope woven in hemp, man was only capable of stand up looking at everything as if stupefied. While walking towards the interior of the house, she said informally:

      - "It's not a big deal, but I call my house. Sit down please, you would you like to drink something?"

      - "No, no thanks," said the still stunned. "I am unable to drink a more drop of coconut juice"

      - "No, it's not coconut juice," replied the woman. "I have a soda, it's going the pineapple juice? "

      Trying to hide his continued embarrassment, the man accepted and both. They sat on the sofa to chat. After they had exchanged their stories, the woman said:

      - "If you do not mind, I'm going to wear something more comfortable".

      - "A shower and a shave? There is a razor up on the bathroom closet "

      - "In the closet there was a razor made of cut bone". Two sharp shells fitted pressure on both sides of an axis at the end of which it had crimped a rotating mechanism.

      - "This woman is incredible !, exclaimed the man". With that you will surprise me next time?".

      When he returned, it was found that the woman wore the only outfit vine leaves strategically placed and an intense smell of magnolias. She waved her hand to sit beside him.

      - "Tell me", she began to mutter with a suggestive voice while sitting more near him "We've been here for a long time,very lonely I'm sure there's something you'd really like to do now, something you've been praying for all these months".

      - "Right ...? ", she said, looking directly into her eyes.

      He could not believe what he was hearing and said:

      - "Don´t fuck! ... can I connect from here to FaceBook?"..........."

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...

      You have no power over me.
    • In there is an event:

      "Objects in the Expeditions.
      Yesterday 03:29
      Dear Community,

      In the expeditions that you make between Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 you can find, in addition to the usual results, the same objects as in the auctions and the importer / exporter.

      Enjoy it!

      Your OGame Team".

      Look what one of my fleet has found in an expedition ...

      OHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!.

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...

      You have no power over me.

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    • To make a man happy you must understand him well and love him a little.
      To make a woman happy you must love her well and not try to understand her.

      The woman marries hoping that he changes, but he does not change.
      The man marries hoping that she does not change, but she changes.

      The woman always has the last word in all discussion.
      Anything he says later will be the start of another discussion.

      Because my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great ...

      You have no power over me.