Dev Post: A glimpse into the future...

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    • Dev Post: A glimpse into the future...

      Hello everyone,

      once again we would like to share a bit of information about what is coming to OGame soon. With the Wreckfield- Feature well on its way, it is time to look at the next update.

      Before the next OGame update Gameforge as a company will be implementing a new Portal. All Gameforge games will receive this new portal, OGame has been selected to be the first to be migrated.For this, we will be taking down the Pioneers- Test servers on Monday for internal testing and then reopen them once complete. This downtime is not necessary on the live servers once the Portal goes online. The test servers will also *not* be wiped, so your accounts are safe. We will update you with more information during the next weeks. We have made multiple adjustments to the game itself ahead of time to make migration to the portal easier for us.

      In the game itself, the next scheduled update will be a new Tutorial. Internally called "Questing- System", we have already removed the old tutorial and have begun building a new system which will allow for a much more streamlined and adaptive version of the tutorial. This means that we will also be bringing in some front-end changes, the most notable being a new left side menu. Along with this we will be updating and cleaning up a lot of the HTML code, giving us more degrees of freedom with different play styles. Sadly, this may break some AddOns, which is why we will be offering test versions on the Pioneers cluster as early on as possible, and also update the Tool- Developers Servers as soon as we have a first stable result. As a side effect future AddOn Development will be a lot easier and less likely to break AddOns using the new front-end code.
      While we don't want to break AddOns we do believe that it is a necessary step for the future of OGame. Another side effect of this will be that we will be able to implement a system similar (not the same, though) to "Skins" that OGame once had.

      Once finished we want to expand this new system to make changes to expeditions, giving them more options and (for example) a way to respond to those pesky Alien attacks by finding their home and burning it to cinder.

      After the new Tutorial goes live, we will be focusing on Fleets, Alliance Content and Trading. Listen up for new Dev Posts once we are ready to share more information.

      May the Source be with you,

      DevLaTron at ogame 144 * 2 * 8 * 5 * 3 / 100 + 2 * 500 - 41 .de