Add-on: AntiGameOrigin

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    • Add-on: AntiGameOrigin

      There are a few OGame extensions but have you ever heard of or used AntiGameOrigin? (

      AntiGameOrigin is the most popular add-on for OGame and it is available in all languages. With AntiGameOrigin you can bring your current OGame experience to the next level.

      extends OGame with plenty of new features to make your gameplay much more convenient.

      It doesn`t matter if you are miner or fleeter, it has features for all types of players. For miners it shows finishing times, missing resources, number of buildable ships & defense units, names over images and also shows senseless and useful research levels. For fleeters there is the popular spy table on your messages page, which will help you when you are attacking. It also adds a button for the popular combat simulator TrashSim, which will auto fill defenders ships, defense, techs and allows you fast combat simulating.

      AntiGameOrigin has permanent storage of options and data in the browser with the ability to backup and synchronize it with other browsers and game accounts. Using the OGame API to get information of all players and all planets / moons, so you will be able to find the coordinates from any player in your universe.

      We also participate in "Fair play" and AGO might stop working if strictly forbidden tools are in use.

      If you want to read more about it and use it, visit our website On our website you can find all news announcements and visit the download page.

      AntiGameOrigin is available for Chrome, FireFox, FireFox mobile and Opera browser.

      Best regards,

      Shole and AntiGameOrigin Team

      + + + AntiGameOrigin is tolerated by the OGame Team. Use at your own risk. + + +