Theoretical profits

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    • Oh, sorry. I mean the theoretical profits: Loot + 100% debris recollected by attackers (or defenders in case of Stamping).

      The thing about real profit, although it's nice to calculate it, is that it doesn't show how profitable was the battle “theoretically”. If the debris get stolen, then the profit is much lower, but the truth is that it was a nice hit (altough with a robbery in between).
      You can look at the forums and see that many people mark the “all debris recollected by …” just to show the theoretical profit; explaining in the battle post that some debris were stolen, etc. but they still mark the “all debris recycled by …”.
    • What about having a radio button that if it was selected the rest of the debris that were not collected go to the other side?

      As @Minion said, lets think of attackers that get knocked out, but they still harvest some debris.

      As the defender, who won, will post the battle. The idea would be to also add that debris recollection to the final numbers because the defender does not have the attackers rr api.

      What do you think about it @Warsaalk?