Future Universe mergers: a message for Community & Development teams

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    • Future Universe mergers: a message for Community & Development teams

      Dear Martin and the rest of the crew, it's almost 4 years now since the first Universe mergers within the project, most of which have given an inspiring boost to the local events, yet unfortunately, the pattern which your team has followed while doing those, has also brought a feeling of ridicule and fraud towards your most dedicated, long-time standard 1x Universe players.

      Apparently, it wasn't done due to some prepense malign intent, but at the same time, the harm it has caused to the balance of the standard 1x Universes, is irreversible. The source of the problem lied in the idea that in order to increase the overall community's activity, it's all green-lights to combine the standard, 1x/30% debris Universes with those of a Special, distinct economy/debris or speed origin.

      Unfortunately, as the majority of us, year 2005 veterans knows, this isn't anything close to truth or capabilities equality. We've been observing this over and over at Infuza, have seen dozens of unknown "top" nicknames popping literally out of nowhere simply because at some point back in time, you haven't said: "Dear customers, we have thought about it and deem that it'll be fair if we'll be merging the Universes according to their initial settings, where anything special will keep pace with realms of the same basic criteria" (just like it did recently with the Universe 35.org > Quantum.org migration, where everything turned out all-right).

      And since you preferred to sacrifice this rational scheme in the name of facilitating a more carefree own team's environment, it reflected in the form of spawning hundreds of pushed right-to-the-top accounts, where the staff in charge of the mergers obtained a token of the most-renowned pushers across the project. It's my sincere belief that it was more an overlook than a deliberate decision, yet at the same time, it's a little bit hard to accept for those who have stayed in the game for over 10 years to simply find themselves outraced in the common and fleet points by the accounts relocated from the Special Universes by values which can't be called anything else, but ridiculous (3 times stronger in fleets, account's economy or both at once). And ironically, the game's portal itself does maintain this kind of ladder, meaning it's acknowledged as an official classification table, where the purpose, I believe, is watch after a certain player's skill, and not his ability to settle within the right, Special Realm in order for it to be merged into the Standard, Universe 1 cluster some time after. Unless it's your company's official outlook on how one should blaze his trail to the World's top 1... :rolleyes: Sure enough that in the end, it all can simply be referred to as "virtual numbers" and "a good source of income", but paying a certain share of respect to the balancing design aspect, it's just not the way how things should logically be advanced forward.

      It's all about your team's choice in the end, but please, do considerate the fact that those who were your loyal playerbase for more than 10 years are more than aware of the actual game mechanics inherent to standard Universes, and ultimately, every time you merge a Special Universe into the Standard one, they feel as if Gameforge contradicts the original OGame spirit introduced by Alexander Rösner.

      There may be some who will inquire why it was also addressed to the Development team, the reason is, actually, very simple: in the scope of highlighted facts, I'm also filing in the proposal to adjust the Unifusion tool on the program level the way so that it'll simply disallow any non-standard (differing from x1 speed, x1 economy, x1 flight times & 30% debris fields) Universes to be integrated with those of aforementioned parameters, so that the tool itself will have a certain recognition mechanism of what should or should not be done regardless of who exactly supervises the merger, let's call it a balance-upholding protection. :) For example, it'll know that 5x Universes can only be merged with the same, 5x speed Universes, but, it can allow them to include certain distinctions such as admissible 30%-40% difference in the debris fields. At the same time, the script will restrict certain undesirable, imbalanced actions such as attempts to merge a realm with 60% debris loot into the standard x1 Universe with 30% debris drops, as it recently happened with the Spanish Kassiopeia which was moved into Andromeda. It might require some additional time to implement a feature like this, but in the long run, it'll be tremendously helpful in terms of maintaining a rational game balance.

      Thanks for the attention.

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    • It is not possible to make a merge plan which everybody likes it.

      I don't know in which universe are you playing, but I guess that universe 1 if you are playing since 2005. I also just saw an overview of russian merge and I think it is fair.

      It is NOT possible to design a merge plan which count with all this specification:

      - Same speed
      - Same highrank

      You have to priorize one of them, and then take the other one. I think that .RU wanted same highrank (or similar), but for example, they still offered 1 destiny x1 and 1 destiny x4, from 1 exodus x1 and 1 exodus x4. Players who want to keep same speed, they can. If players want to change it, they also can.

      Group 1

      Barym (speed x1, top 1: 119,608,063 )
      Kassiopeia (speed x4, top 1: 174,267,808 )

      1 Universe (speed x1, top 1: 150,808,739 )
      Capella (speed x4 , top1 : 320,381,762 )

      Which is the problem?? I think it is very balanced
    • Danimanza wrote:

      It is not possible to make a merge plan which everybody likes it.
      That is fully correct. There would always be someone who will say that merge is not good enough and needs to me done on another way.
      All universes are investigated and from that investigation merge plan is created. And that is in most cases what most of the players wants.

      I am sure you will get used to it since as Danimanza said thre isn't much difference between top1 on exodus universes and top1 on your Uni1 target universe. :)
    • Danimanza wrote:

      It is NOT possible to design a merge plan which count with all this specification:

      - Same speed
      - Same highrank

      Hi there. :) You see, it's not about the number of points on certain accounts, it's all about total time spent developing them in the environment of the standard, x1/30% Universes in comparison to at least doubled easiness of doing so in the Special ones.

      Danimanza wrote:

      Players who want to keep same speed, they can. If players want to change it, they also can.

      That's what makes the problem. The misconception that if an account from the Special Universe is allowed to migrate into the Standard one, the economy of the regular, destination Universe still remains unharmed. That's simply not true: how can it be, if in one of the cases you've mentioned, the specified account from Kassiopeia got pushed by the merging scheme for its fleet & mining infrastructure by about 112.500.000 points? And this is barely one water drop from the ocean named World Ladder, where back to 2012, the players observed the appearance of dozens of pushed-up accounts which had nothing to do with origins of the Standard Universes in the first place. :)

      You've made a lot of assumptions regarding what I might have been unsatisfied with, however, most of these guesses where you listed certain mergers, aren't accurate in their essence. The flag below my nickname simply indicates one of communities I'm affiliated with, along with the British one and the one you also represent as local SGO. I'm not sure it's even reasonable to dive into the details of particular Universes or private gaming backgrounds in threads like this, as the factor of personal interest is one of the things I'm deliberately trying to avoid in any discussions involving the matters of generic design and how those affect the project's participants overall.
    • The selection of the targets are not part of any technically stuff. Reponsible persons (teamlers, Coma and the Product Director) can choose, which servers are target from which exodus server. How they select it is on their side and not the game side. So it´s better to place your comment about the merge in your responsoble community board, because the technically based origin board can´t really help you out.

      Being a QA is sort of like being a goal keeper. People only talk about you when you’ve screwed up. We are the silent guardians of game development, and they will never have to thank us.
    • It's not some type of purely-local Russian problem, JoKy, more like an established trend of "mixing it all up", and "finding out what happens", where people had to live with it simply as there weren't any alternatives given, where accounts such as this (relocated in 2012 from the server with permitted pushing) would have never been allowed to become a part of the Standard Universe from the very beginning.

      But back in the day, when the 2012 mergers were taking place, it appeared as someone didn't really want to spend some extra time calculating potential outcomes and went on preparing the standing dish instead, which turned out to be a very odd mix of every product that person found on the table, and unfortunately, the guests had to taste it and act as if the dinner host is a profound cooker. :whistling: "Why were those lemon slices lying in the pizza?" - some of them inquired thereafter, and the only reckless answer they've got back was just like: "Oh, I was in a hurry and you had to eat something anyway, so"... That's how it basically went throughout the world 4 years ago and partially nowadays, and thus, I believe it's actually in quite relevant, Feedback section, as it's one of the few places besides the German board where it'll eventually be read by people behind these mergers, including WeTeHa. :)

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    • It happens that the merges are always causing such situations.

      What you have to know is that admins of a community are always asked about the best way to merge and they can ask for changes during the process.

      Also, the admins being more close to the community have an idea what are the wishes of the players. Unfortunately , in many situations choosing a solution that fixes one thing makes other things to break.

      If they go by simply matching the same type of universes, they won't reach a significant number of players to be merged and the merge will be useless.
    • GameAdmins try to check every universe to merge according their characteristics, but as everybody say is impossible to satisfy all players.

      That's the reason of free relocations given to moved players to "compensate" that eventuality.

      First players moved have their original positions, or they are moved a little bit.

      But GameForge decided to give 3 relocations to every player moved to a new destiny, that is (in my opinion) a good way to compensate players.
      Ogame.es & Ogame.ar SGO
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    • Hi there. :) You see, it's not about the number of points on certain accounts, it's all about total time spent developing them in the environment of the standard, x1/30% Universes in comparison to at least doubled easiness of doing so in the Special ones.
      This is called a sunk cost fallacy. You feel you've invested more time into your account and therefore place a larger value on it even though it has the same amount of points as another player that has played in a speed universe.

      It's a fallacy for a reason and you can't factor that into the equation as a result.