Advanced military points in galaxy

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    • Advanced military points in galaxy

      1) At this moment there is a possibility to view player military points on galaxy page. But this info is about all military points (fleet+defence).
      Can you split it to different fields with fleet points and defense points?
      Like this:

      I have some assumption about calculation this values:

      Source Code

      1. var defenseActual = Math.max((economy + research + military) - general, 0);
      2. var militaryActual = Math.max(Math.floor(military - defenseActual), 0);

      where all values is from API:

      Source Code

      1. 'economy': 'highscore.xml?category=1&type=1',
      2. 'research': 'highscore.xml?category=1&type=2',
      3. 'general': 'highscore.xml?category=1&type=0'

      2) If it is possible, add automatic update highscore values in local database, if player watch highscore pages in game. API info updates every day, but it's not enough.