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    • [Java]OGameResourceCalculator

      OGameResourceCalculator calculates how many days you need to produce resources to met specific resource requirements. Resource trades are taken into account. You can specify individual exchange rates for each resource.

      How to use:

      Enter daily production Enter resources you already have (optional) Enter resources you want to have Press Go

      The current exchange rates and daily productions can be saved using the buttons in the upper right corner. Doubleclick on a profile sets the input fields to the profile data.

      If checkbox "advanced trade" is checked, trades using intermediate resources are used if you get more resources than with an ordinary trade. For example, without checkbox the suggest trade may be metal -> deuterium, but with checkbox the suggest trade could be metal -> crystal -> deuterium.

      The default resolution of 1 should be fine, but if you want to know that you need 9.5 or 9.45 days instead of 10 days, you can change it. Minimum resolution 0.01 .

      Requires a current version of Java 8. (tested with java version 1.8.0_74)

      You may want to edit the run files to change language.
      start english version: java -jar ogameresourcecalculator.jar --lang=en

      Feel free to translate the few texts into other languages.

      Download links:

      2016-04-14: ImperatorMaximus: Tool submitted for toleration.