ECA-MEF : Script formatting your Ogame empire for forums

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    • ECA-MEF : Script formatting your Ogame empire for forums

      Original thread : ECA-MEF : Script formatting your Ogame empire for forums

      First of all, sorry for my bad english. I'm not very good in this language. A full presentation in french is available. (Link after the spoiler, at the end of this post).

      • Info: ECA-MEF is a web page which allows you to store all your ogame account informations and generate BBCode to present your empire on a forum. A userscript, used in combination with the extension InfoCompte, allows you to automatically fill in the information on the website, not having to input manually.
      • Author: Larelagan (E-Concept Applications)
      • Website:
      • French Support:…e-mise-en-forme-d-empire/ - For other langage: this topic.
      • Download: Directly on the website (At the middle of the page).
      • Screenshot: Examples are available in the full french presentation (Link after the spoiler, at the end of this post).
      • Browser: Firefox, Google Chrome*, Opera*. Maybe other browsers, but not tested. * : Need Tampermonkey
      • Languages: French and English. If you want to contribute for other languages, the topic is here.

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      General informations
      1. Where is the script?
        At this address:

      2. Which differences between this script and other scripts existing, like InfoCompte?
        First, the style of presentation. It looks like a very similar presentation to commander account, except that here, it's for forums (similar to OGS Converter presentation).
        In addition, this script don't use any picture. Some find it too clean, but there is a big advantage to this: The load time. Images recorded on free hosts are sometimes very long to load. In addition, for those who are playing from a smartphone or a PC connected with a 3G key, the images make longer to load web pages. With MEF-ECA, the formatting is completely made out of text, with the ability to customize the display colors. The loading is much faster.
        Finally, the script also allows you to generate a report of changes, which summarizes what has changed between the last backup and your current situation.

      3. Principle of operation
        Entering information can be done in two ways:
        - Either automatically: In this case, you must have installed the InfoCompte extension and the script of ECA-MEF, available on the page of the script (tested in Firefox, Chrome and Opera with GreaseMonkey/Tampermonkey).
        - Either manual input: The input boxes are arranged in the same order as the Ogame Redesign interface to simplify the entry. Then the web page allows you to backup / restore your entry either in the browser or as a text chain to copy / paste.
        Once the entry / update done, just click on the button to generate BBCode and you have just to copy / paste BBCode to show your empire on a forum.
        You can also specify the colors of the "standard" texts (labels, borders, etc ...), of the separator characters (between the values ​​of differents planets), of the actual values, and for the report of changes, the colors of the increasing or decreasing values.

      4. Example of results obtained with a fictional account
        See the full french presentation (link above)

      • Full French presentation:…e/#post11204887
      • Full presentation translated with Google Translate:…rme-d-empire%2F

      Last Update
      v4.2 (04/07/2016)

      • Update of the language detection.
      • Previous backups are compatibles. They will be updated automatically.

      2016-04-14: ImperatorMaximus: Tool submitted for toleration.

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