events in OGame

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    • events in OGame

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    • Events

      ==Discount type events==

      50% more Dark Matter only for the 1st time you buy DM ( on account

      xx% more Dark Matter -You can buy more DM for the given price

      MOONS Items offer - You can buy cheaper moon items ( MOONS , moon fields )

      xx% discount Items offer - -You can buy cheaper items ( boosters, planet & moon field items or moons - anything you can find in shop )

      xx% discount on Halve/Finish buttons - - you can use cheaper halve/ finish buttons

      xx% discount for Relocations - - Relocations are less expensive, The discount works for all relocations started during the event, even if the finish after the event is over

      ==Area 16-17 events==

      Planet spawn - If you attack the slot 17 planet you can get items ( once a day, the same items like in auctions and import export) )
      Dark Matter Debris Fields golden debris files will appear in slot 17, harvesting first will give you 3.137 DM
      9 times more DM in expeditions - if you are lucky to find DM in expedition, you'll receive up to 9 times more DM than usual
      items in expeditions - you can find items in expeditions ( the same like in auctions and import export)


      30% moon chance - You get a higher chance to obtain a moon for the same 1667 Light fighetrs

      Merchant offer - 2.000 DM - calling a merchant will cost you only 2.000 DM instead of 3500DM

      Auctions non stop for 24 hours

      xx% Cash back : you will receive back xx% of the DM you spend during the event, usually the DM is added to your account a few days later

      Researches xx% faster

      ==Rare events ==

      More Buddy Points - The invited friend during the event will give you those 4 buddy points every day (as long as he is active) and not only during the event period.

      100m resources - You will be able to fill your storages ( if you have enough free space) with 100m resources in one click by using Dark Matter if you play in a server at least one year old