Tactic 15c: Moon destruction guide

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    • How to destroy a moon ?

      A moon is a very beneficial part of the game for the owner. With him it is possible to secure saven than you can from a planet.
      Furthermore, you can build on the moon two special buildings that can be detrimental for the opponents of the Moon owner.
      Using the Sensor Phalanx can be seen foreign Fleet in move and using the jump gate can send his fleet without any loss of time over an arbitrarily large distance.

      This means that some players want to destroy the moon. This can be done only and exclusively with death stars. A AKS or a delay of the fleet is not possible! The formula for a moon destruction reads as follows:

      The chance to moon destruction (in percentage)=

      S = Size of the moon (Km)
      D = number of Deathstars

      Thus there is a moon destruction attempt to Death Stars must win only against the present on the moon fleet and defense. In this struggle created a TF normal, but it can not be captured commodities. Only if after this fight at least one Death Star is still present, there is a moon destruction attempt. (Note: Since the fall 17.05.2010 Moon destruction flights under the bashing rule in mind)

      It is also possible that the attacking Death Stars are destroyed during destruction experiment itself. The formula for this is as follows:

      The chance that the attack skilful Death Stars are destroyed when the moon is attack,

      Chance the deathstar* is destroyed (in percentage)=

      S = Size of the moon (Km)

      The larger of the moon, the riskier so try its destruction.

      So there are the following possibilities for a moon destruction:
      Moon is destroyed - survive Death Stars
      Moon is destroyed - Death Stars are destroyed
      Moon is not destroyed - Death Stars are destroyed
      Moon and Death Star are not destroyed - both survive
      The result in this case, regardless of whether only the death star, only the moon, or both will be destroyed, no DF.