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    • Also I just want to add something to the idea of "perfect fleet", as a CS PhD student I can tell you that there is no easy way to find it. You would have to make multiple simulation and find the one with the highest result. You need a very good heuristic to generate fleet and even with that you will find the fleet the best in average!

      It can be a nice project though, I may think about it.
    • Hi Warsaalk,

      First of all, love this script - Helps the game so much and its not as complicated as AntiGame Origin (for me anyway!)

      Couple of feedback items if possible:
      • Is it possible to embed a warning before simulating if the tech's are missing from the defender? This hurts me so much (facepalm)
      • I've noticed that the script stops running itself and requires me to refresh the page (F5) for it to kick back in - What is the reason for this? This happens to a few people I know who uses your script.
    • Hi,

      TrashSim just got updated to version 1.4.0.
      This update contains something I've been staring at for almost a year.
      A (hopefully) final fix for the battle algoritme!
      So the RIP & Dome problems should be history.

      • New, A notice (popup) when there are techs missing for a player
      • New, Added Chinese
      • New, Added the global deuterium save factor (universe setting)
      • Fix, Battle formula
      • Fix, Bomber drive issue

      If anyone wants to give feedback about the new battle formula, please let me know :)


    • Hi,

      TrashSim just got updated to version 1.4.1.

      • Performance & memory optimizations (more info below)
      • Javascript API (more info below)

      I did some optimizations to the simulations code.
      Chrome users already had an advantage bij using a Pnacl module, which should now be 3x faster at most.
      Users from other browsers, using the plain Javascript module, should now have a 4,5x speed gain at most.
      Have fun :)

      Javascript API
      II also made a small Javascript API.
      I use this to switch between simulation modules for testing.
      You can also use this if you want to, this is for advanced users only and requires some Javascript knowledge.

      In the browser console you can access the API via the "trashsim.API" object.
      This object now only has a Simulator part.
      The Simulator object has the following methods:
      • listModules
      • useModule (accepts 1 argument)
      • start
      • stop
      listModules will list the available Simulation modules, which are Javascript, JavascriptMultiThreaded and Pnacl.
      The last one will only work in Chrome at the moment.
      Javascript is the default module & JavascriptMultiThreaded is an experimental module.
      It will create multiple WebWorkers to handle the simulation based on the number of CPU cores your computer has.

      Changing the modules can be done via the useModule method, it accepts 1 argument, the name of a module.
      Resetting it to the default module can be done by calling the method with null as the argument.

      The start method will start a simulation and stop will stop it.
      If you have any questions or requests regarding this API please send me a PM.


    • vakus wrote:

      when clicking 'next wave', tactical retreat doesn't refresh (the one near text 'attackers' and 'defenders'). It also doesn't refresh after simulating next wave, in order to refresh it, you need to change amount of any ship on any side.

      Thanks for reporting the issue!
      I've added it to my issue list.

      I don't have much time lately but I'll try to fix it as soon as I can!

    • Awesome tool TrashSim is, Warsaalk.

      But, I think I've found a defect in the way that the captured plunder is calculated. I always have to add additional cargos to the mix to make it show that I would capture 100% of the possible plunder. I cant understand why this would be correct.

      I can reproduce this by doing the following:

      1. Open new TrashSim tab
      2. In the Attackers Small Cargo, enter 1
      3. In the Defenders planet/moon - Resources, enter 10000 under Metal
      4. Leave everything else as default and click Simulate
      5. The report will show Captured Plunder to be 3.334, but the Possible plunder is 5.000. It says that 67% is captured.

      1 SC should plunder 5k, should it not?
      If I increase the SC from 1 to 2, it will get the full 5k.
      The "Cargos Needed" appears to actually be correct. But, if you enter the number of cargos thats shown here, it will report that you're not plundering the full possible amount.

      Here's a shot of how I reproduce this:
    • This thing is exactly how the game works since 2002.
      It's not true that a small cargo loots 5'000 units in every situation. This doesn't happen when the metal exceeds the 33% of the plunder. This is the reason why you noticed this with the metal, but if you do the same steps with deut or crystal the loot will be 5'000.

      The problem is that when you attack, your cargobay is divided in 3 equal section. Until this is possible, the deu will go into the deu section, the crystal into the crystal section and the met into the metal one. But usually you don't grab 33%-33%-33% and the resources have to be stored where they shouldn't.
      In this case deut and crystal will be considered normally, but each unit of metal that will go in the crystal or deut sections, will take the space for 2.

      So, in your example:
      each section has a cargobay of 1'666.
      In the metal one, your cargo stores 1'666
      In the crystal on, your cargo stores 833
      In the deuterium one, you cargo stores 833
      Total plunder: 3'332 (one unit is because i rounded down everything)
      #6 Retro server - Fra [N O X]
      #5 - Fra.. [Dynamic]
    • Hi everyone

      I was wondering if you could place an output URL for the fleet simulated, so you wouldn't have to set ships quantity manually


      For this simulated battle:

      URL output would be

      MrShinoda wrote:


      URL without "[" and "]"

      The "am20x" is taken from the HTML code for each textbox according to each shiptype...



      are taken from the API

      As long as its legal, could it be done?

      I also have a question about it; Is it posible that the profit sum is not taking IMPs costs and Recyclers consumption into account? If not, could it be add or discriminated with the profit?

      Thanks! Awesome SIM!