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    • Hello there!
      Again, thank you for this great tool and congratulations on having been adopted as the recommended combat simulator by the Ogame staff!

      I have a small request for you: can you please adjust the simulator so that it updates the tactical retreat ratio *both* at the top of the page and down below (see attached screenshots)? Right now only the one at the top of the page is updated live as the ship count is modified.

      In addition to that, I totally share the following requests that others have made (copy/pasting):
      Is it possible to place the results of the simulation to the right if the resolution is high enough? It's really annoying to have to scroll up and down all the time :)
      Warning about missing techs on the opposite side
      Request 2: Similar to request 1 using live updates but for cargos needed as I add combat ships, i think your intention was to always show how many cargos are needed regardless of combat ships, so maybe add a 2nd number in parenthesis showing how many are needed for 100% plunder when using combat ships for cargospace. Ex,
      Cargo's needed
      17 (10) Large Cargo
      85 (48) Small Cargo

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    • @canide, I'm reviewing your requests.

      1. The tactical retreat in the result box reflects the ratio of the fleet used to get te result, that's why it is static.

      2. I have already done some tests for this, at which resolution should this happen?
        I have 3 options, 1366, 1600 or 1920. What is your resolution?

      3. I suppose it should be a small indicator, like the activity triangle in OGame. I probably won't implement a popup warning, that's annoying.

      4. Adding that number shouldn't be a problem :)

    • Update 1.2.3

      • Polish, the result table now appears on the right of the page with a width higher than 1344px
      • Polish, enabled CDN for assets
      • Polish, enabled HTTP2

      TrashSim now uses a CDN for its assets.
      This should improve the speed for loading images etc in all different parts of the world. (except for antarctica :D)
      If this isn't the case, please let me know :)

    • Hi,
      I used trashsim via Antigame for many weeks.
      Yesterday I had to reinstall my Laptop and also Antigame & Co.

      Now, if i press on "Simulator-Button", Trashsim opens with correct input etc.
      But if I want to start the simulator I get only a animated Cube and a text "Simulation 0 / 20"

      Nothing happens.

      What is the problem?

      My browser is Chrome

      PS: Added a screenshot as attachement
      • sim.PNG

        140.37 kB, 387×264, viewed 254 times
    • I've been using your sim for a while now but ran into a bit of a problem today. So I have a feature request :whistling:

      I didn't notice that I had not got the techs of my target and ofc I won the simulated battle easily. I would like some warning or attacker techs = defender when the report does not have any techs in it.
    • Yeah looks like it doesn't change base speed or fuel consumption when ships upgrade, only the drives used.

      Should be:
      Small Cargo: base speed 5k & fuel consumption 10 => speed 10k* & consumption 20* at impulse 5
      Bomber: speed 4k => 5k* at hyperdrive 8 (fuel consumption stays the same at 1k*)
      Recycler: speed 2k* & consumption 300* => 4k & 600 at impulse 17 => 6k & 900 at hyperdrive 15
      * Current base values in the sim
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    • If GameForge provided in a clean way with all the equations used in the game that would be great (except may be battle or other algorithms and such, in which case we need simulators, that may be good to “hide”). I remember in 2008 or so that there was a thread (at least in Spanish boards) with a lot of them.
      I can't understand why are they not officially providing those equations in a place like this, Origin, the last years have been some sort of obscureness.
    • Large Shield Dome

      Something seems to be wrong. I am sending 29 cruisers tech 5,6,6 vs 1 large shield dome tech 6,6,6.
      It results in a draw, but:
      According to the simulator it seems that I should win.

      I redid a manual calculation whereby 1cruiser is 600 atk (400+50%) and his shield is 16000 (10000+60%) so each cruiser should hit for 440, for a max of 5 pre-draw rounds is 2200, giving me just over 60k dmg on a 130.000 hp shield.
      So manually, even with some margin for error I end up way off, explaining the draw. Not sure what happens in TrashSim to suggest I'd win.

      Thanks in advance for your time!
    • Hey there,

      first of all thanks for your work.

      I have some "bugs" or let's rather call them small issues to post here :)

      Small Battles
      Your simulator is giving wrong impressions for small battles ( like 3 small cargo + 1 light fighter vs. 1 rocketlauncher ). You are rounding the ship count on whole numbers, which is totally fine and useful for bigger fights, but can cause a lot of frustration for users who do not know how things can work out in a battle. In losses tab you are giving out the average loss and not the rounded loss, which shows that your simulator is actually calculating and getting all the possibilties but not showing them in the resulting ship count.

      3 small cargos + 1 LF
      1 rocketlauncher
      both techs 0 0 0

      Small Cargo -> 3
      LF -> 1

      Rocket launcer -> 0

      However there is a possibility to lose 1 cargo or 1 LF which is showing in attacker losses but not at the ship count.

      Huge Battles
      Trashsims seems to die if I try to simulate a battle with an attacker fleet value of about 200.000.000 points
      and a defender fleet value of about 100.000.000 points. ( not Units )