[bug] Buildings & Constructions - wrong Energy calculation for Solar Satellites

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  • [bug] Buildings & Constructions - wrong Energy calculation for Solar Satellites

    I found a bug in the energy calculation for solar satellites!
    As you can see in the images I wanted to build a terraformer lvl 8 (on a Planet with 51°C maximum temperature).
    Therefore I turned off the production and only used my 2034 solsats at 100% (=70620energy).
    I wrote the amount of solsats in the field untill they fit the needed value (=128011energy).
    [btw: another input field for the wanted energy would be nice for this calculation task]
    When the construction of the 1720 solsats finished, I saw that there is more energy than needed.
    The 3754 solsats produces 130339energy, which is 2328energy more than shown before.
    So I built 67 solsats too much due to wrong calculations (checked in my own calc - see below).

    At first I opened up the tab Tools of the Panel and checked the terraformer calculator:
    On this calculation there is shown the same result like AGO does, so both are wrong >.<
    (furthermore the difference between Engineer (10%) and all Officers(12%) is broken there as you can see)

    So I looked out for a proper formula to calculate it for myself. Here is the translated formula from owiki.de/index.php/Solarsatellit#Anwendung for Energy gain:
    = ROUNDED ( ROUNDEDDOWN((MAXIMUMTEMPERATURE + 140) / 6) * (amount of satellites) * "selected procentage" * Engineer bonus)
    The value of "selected procentage" can be adjusted in tenth-steps between 0,0 and 1,0. The Engineer has a value of 1,1. (--> all Officers = 1,12 ...)

    This is my adapted calculation with it:
    130339 / ((51+140)/6 * 3754)
    --> (191/6)=31,833 and gets rounded down to 31 *wtf*
    130339 / (31 * 3754) = 1,12 so this is correct for all Officers activated.

    Ok. With this temperature-parameter (31) I will calculate the correct amount of needed solsats:
    128000/(31*1,12) = 3687 [=rounded; backward result is 128013]
    So with the 2034 on the planet there are 1653 to build (67 less than 1720).
    The energy gain by 67 solsats is 31*67*1,12=2326 [rounded]
    Overall check is 130339-2326=128013 (almost the shown 128011...)

    To find the mistake I used this:
    128013/(3754*1,12)=30,45 temperature-parameter (and not the needed 31)
    the resulting maximum temperature would be (30,45*6)-140=42,7°C (and not the 51°C)

    Ok that's it from my side. I don't know where the mistake is in the formula used by AGO.
    Note that this calc is for all Officers activated. But I hope I helped you finding the mistake, Shole ;)