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    • ECA-MEF Translation - Script & Website


      I create this topic to find people who would be interested in translating my ace-MEF script.

      The presentation of the French script is here:…e-mise-en-forme-d-empire/
      And English here:
      ECA-MEF : Script formatting your Ogame empire for forums

      There are two parts to translate: The script itself, and the web site that uses the data of the script to generate the code for forums.
      I recapitulate below the elements to be translated and translations already completed. The original language is French.

      Script translation
      Just replace the expression in French that is between quotation mark to the right of the expression = translation. At the left of =, simply replace "en" with the two letters that identify the translated language ("en" for English, "de" for German, etc.).
      For example :
      mefTrads["fr"]["AltIcoPrinc"] = "Envoyer les données à ECA-MEF";
      become :
      mefTrads["en"]["AltIcoPrinc"] = "Send data to ECA-MEF";

      Source data for the script translation :
      Display Spoiler
      mefTrads["fr"]["AltIcoPrinc"] = "Send data to ECA-MEF";
      mefTrads["fr"]["AvertAvtEnvoi"] = "Pensez à bien repasser par la page Flotte de chaque planète, ainsi que sur les flottes en mouvement, pour que tous les vaisseaux soient comptabilisés correctement ! ;) ";
      mefTrads["fr"]["ErrLoadXML"] = "Votre navigateur est en partie incompatible avec M.E.F. Empire. Les flottes en vol ne seront pas prises en compte.";
      mefTrads["fr"]["Vaisseaux"] = new Array("Chasseur léger","Chasseur lourd","Croiseur","Vaisseau de bataille","Traqueur","Bombardier","Destructeur","Étoile de la mort","Petit transporteur","Grand transporteur","Vaisseau de colonisation","Recycleur","Sonde d`espionnage","Satellite solaire");

      EN script translation : Requires rereading for correction.
      Display Spoiler
      mefTrads["en"]["AltIcoPrinc"] = "Send data to ECA-MEF";
      mefTrads["en"]["AvertAvtEnvoi"] = "Remember to go through the Fleet page of each planet, as well as fleet movement page to make sure that all ships are properly accounted for! ;) ";
      mefTrads["en"]["ErrLoadXML"] = "Your browser is partly incompatible with MEF Empire. Fleets in flight will not be taken into account.";
      mefTrads["en"]["Vaisseaux"] = new Array("Light Fighter","Heavy Fighter","Cruiser","Battleship","Battlecruiser","Bomber","Destroyer","Deathstar","Small Cargo","Large Cargo","Colony Ship","Recycler","Espionage Probe","Solar Satellite");

      Website translation
      Note: Make a copy / paste of the content of the page. Do not "Save As", otherwise, you will have many parasitic code.

      Source data for the website translation :

      EN website translation : Requires rereading for correction.

      Thank you in advance for contributing! :)

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    • Hi :)


      @ mefTrads["en"]["AvertAvtEnvoi"]:
      - change "go through" to "go to" (I guess just to fleetpage1 and not fp2+3 in addition - what's about going to the Shipyard for detecting the local fleet?)
      - maybe "on each planet" instead "of each planet"? I don't know this myself^^ (clicking fleet page while being on the planet, but it is the fleetpage of a planet XD)
      - strike out the ","
      - add "the" to "fleet movement page"
      - "are properly accounted for!" can be changed to "are properly detected!"
      @ mefTrads["en"]["ErrLoadXML"]:
      - why "MEF Empire" and not "ECA-MEF"? I used ECA-MEF for the DE translation...
      - "Fleets in flight" could be changed to "Fleet movements" (refering to the fleet movement page) ...


      Source Code

      1. mefTrads["de"]["AltIcoPrinc"] = "Sende Daten an ECA-MEF";
      2. mefTrads["de"]["AvertAvtEnvoi"] = "Denke daran, auf die Flottenseite jedes Planeten zu gehen, sowie auf die Seite der Flottenbewegungen, um sicher zu sein, dass alle Schiffe korrekt erfasst wurden. ;) ";
      3. mefTrads["de"]["ErrLoadXML"] = "Dein Browser ist teilweise inkompatibel mit ECA-MEF. Flottenbewegungen werden nicht beachtet.";
      4. mefTrads["de"]["Vaisseaux"] = neues Array("Light Fighter","Heavy Fighter","Cruiser","Battleship","Battlecruiser","Bomber","Destroyer","Deathstar","Small Cargo","Large Cargo","Colony Ship","Recycler","Espionage Probe","Solar Satellite");