APi key application

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    • APi key application

      - A short description of the tool you want to create or a link to an existing tool you already have / want to update.

      I would like to port the tool oGetit github.com/Warsaalk/OGetIt in Ruby first and (other languages e.g Nodejs if I have the time)
      These ports will be open source.

      With this tool I would like to build a web application in Ruby on Rails + Nodejs to archive spy reports and combat reports. Maybe other features regarding the needs

      - A short description of your developer / programming experience

      I am a developper for 12 years. Mainly as web, backend programmer and team manager. I work with Ruby/Rails, Java, NodeJs, Javascript, Php

      - The scope of your project: Personal, Alliance, Community or International.

      It will be open source. I don think the web app will be OSS at start though. But it is very likely in the future

      - Valid EMail address.

      PM me

      - The IP from which your tool will connect to our servers. (Limited to 1 during testing).

      PM me

      - Are you willing to "open source" some of your source code for others to benefit from? (Example: Providing a library for a specific programming language)

      Yes that's the goal for the libraries. For the web app, it is very likely depending on the developement

      - Are you willing to help with extended testing? This may require you to provide us with more contact information. (IRC contact and approximate online availability).

      Yes, I will be glad to do so. My time schedule is very flexible as I work on my own.

      For more precision in private messages. I am very flexible in terms of avaialability.